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God of Carnage

March 30, 2009

Giving a tour on a red double decker bus the other day and coming downstairs a customer said ” can I ask you a question?”………….. and proceeded to query whether I could give away two tickets to “God of Carnage” for that day’s matinee performance asking “can  anybody use these” and I said  to paraphrase yes me (I had done back to back downtown tours and fufilled my bid requirement and so timing things this sudden theater goer realized he would be free).

I could not find anybody to take the second seat in the orchestra on such short notice not even outside the theater.  However having told a few around including the lady who scanned my e-ticket on the way in just as the curtain was about to rise someone came in and asked if the seat was free saying that the lady at cancellation line told him a seat was available and he would gladly reimburse me for it and I said sure.

When the curtain came up and stars James Galdofini, Marcia Gay Harden, Jeff Daniels, and Hope Davis were already seated at the scene of all the action of this play without an intermission as the characters who were initially civil discussing the outcome of a fight betwen their sons in the polite neighberhood of Cobble Hill, Brooklyn.

This drama by Yazmina Reza who also composed the highly successful “Art” was all action as the polite get together devolved from freindly into a violent four way episode where the spouses not only attacked the other couple’s partners but their own with multiple humiliaitng moments for all.

Galdofini and Gay Harden had perhaps the best exchange when she said “stop acting like a Neanderthal”; and he yelled out ‘I am a fucken Neanderthal”.  I do not want to give too much of this play away so run to see the human dynamic display for yourself -otherwise known as the social  world wrestling federation on Broadway.