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Venice Day One Part Two

September 11, 2008

So the meal at Boccodoro (which was referred to in a NY Times articles “36 hours in Venice”) was superb with several memorable courses (Primi and secondi).  Let’s see there was raw fish and lettuce baby octupi pasta flavored and colored by the squid ink (or ink of the squid don’t get it on you or you might have squid marks).

I was supposed to finish a poem for the bride which was informed by a restarant visit we made on the way from driving her then fiancee now bridesgroom to the airport at which we shared grasshopper salad with salsa con chilli and then later images from NYC and Italy

Grasshoppers are glasshoppers….
had in mass on a salad with salsa
con chile or on
a Bangkok street out from steel trays
some are salted as if farfalle pasta
in and at a lunch buffet
but first as a balloon presentation
on a trenino gratuito in Milano
as if the noise made by an army of cicadas cackling
all of whom are permanent guests of a Red Roof inn
off of I-95 in fringe city Jacksonville, Florida
Who was the stranger?
Who brought the hydrangea?
Haydn conversation about an opera….

The forward facing butterfly
Halfway out of its’ cocoon tries to
Break from its’ chrysalis
Like a female human in a pair of tight fitting jeans
After ingesting two cheeseburgers

It then turns around to
Where other constructions are
hung like dry cleaning
sends out from its’ upper-half
Mandibles and limbs like spikes into a mountain
and tries to ride the ridges of..Another shell with a life inside ……inching outward with this bulwark for support..As another Papillion on another of the hatcherie’s floors
upside down

Tries to  right itself up
(For first flight?)
Pulling its fragile wings over to its side like a silk dress in the cold
attempting to push from its bodies lower half
And swing into a somersault and upright to soar!

the grabber runs out of steam
And appears dead like a frozen alien of long long ago

a keeper, a conservator comes by
And at anothers’ direction
Saves both

black the butterfly icon on the pink awning rides

Its a farfalle better thing that I do now
than I have ever done before

Chandeliers the drunken ballroom the orphic opera house
papillons within the shotgun blazes of high-pitched chroma

I come not to answer questions
or to make any statements

At the insection at the inner-intersection

at the later added on

in the middle of the intercourse

So dinner ended and it was off to sleep other people had more drinks I did not. It seemed that some people really did not want to hear what I had to say so I decided to stop saying it though the brother of the bride is a most intresting chap who even wrote aguide book on Venice (I learned a lot from him), I just kept reading the new book on Marco Polo by Lawrence Bergreen.