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Darwin at Yale and Bourgeois at the Hirschorn

March 2, 2009

Went up to the art Musuems at Yale and wandered into “Endless forms”: Charles Darwin, Natural Science and the Visual Arts ” at the Yale Center for British art arranged to coincide with the hundred and fiftieth anniversary of the publication of the “Origin of Species” and the two hundreth anniversary of Darwin’s death.  The exhibition is described as interdisciplinary as there are examples of taxonomy as well as painting groups which were influenced by the rush to nature in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries as well as video and works like James Tissot’s “arists wives” which in that case was supposed to point out natural selection (however in the vice versa whereas the male of the species was the one usually dressed up to atract a  a mate in humanity it is the female who takes on this role).

The illustration of the main thesis was bit loose but it is always stimulating to see art which takes the natural world as it subject matter or better to see bucks than coworkers lock horns.

Then a little later it was down to WDC again to catch the Louise Bourgeois exhibt which having missed at the Manhattan Guggenheim now at the Hirschorn Museum and sculpture Garden I endeavored to see.  I like to torture myself with exhibits missed and then seen and what might have been the difference and the might have been otherwise known as the effect on the eventual outcome of nothing.  Here though it seemed soothing that both museums the Hirschorn and the Guggenheim are in the round though on winds and slopes and another is in the form of an endless loop.  The retrospective played out as straigthtfoward in its sparsity and allowed on to take away a real insider look at the inside of the art phyche of the ninety six year old French born New York resident and travel with her as whe entertained surrealism , minimalism, and instillation art for numerous decades yet remained her own gal.