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Day Three Milan and Back to and in the U.S

September 17, 2008

So arrived in Milan and made haste from the train station to the Viale Tunisia where I had stayed and commuted from during the Torino winter games of 2006.  I stayed in the Hotel Kennedy rather than the Hotel Tommasso which are in the same building (but wished I had stayed at the Hotel Tommasso because I found them nice but it stuck in my mind that the guide book had had such nice things to say about the establishment named after the popular president back in 2006).

Next, I went out and having seen a Thai massage place went and got a thrity minute massage there and then went and emailed.

Next I walked along a main avenue the Corso Venezia and went to the Natural History Museum there (saw the planetarium in a Palladian type structure but did not venture in).

Impressed with the park I started wandering made it across the street in back of the park saw another park and ventured in.  There I came to a palace which turned out to be the Public house {which was once the Rudetsky palace and had been occupied by everyone from Bonapartes to Hapsburgs and now houses the gallerie d’arte moderna}.

Across was a the pavillion for special exhibitions which meant Robert Indiana in Milan this time.  The work went back to the nineteen fifties and included his wood constructons which are reminiscent of his contemporaries Robert Rauschenberg and Jaspar Johns as well as his further pop art abstractions including one which would play for me poetically later on the “Nonending Nonagaon”.

At the galleria de arte moderna itself the work which stupefied this blogger  was “Ishamel in the dessert” by Giovanni Strozza.  The deepened gaze of the youth overcome by his perdicament wasted yet in full form of his blossoming capturing the animus makes for a hypnotic piece {which indeed I wanted to see over and over again pacing through other rooms only to return in short order{and here indeed was Ishmael again as he did in Dubai  appearing as metaphor as the universe was opening itself up to me}.

Then I ventrued further into Milan and the retail design distict.  I had longed to scan these windows and stores again and here was my chance.  Wishing to appropriate Roberto Cavali for a latter day or simultaneous coming of a sillier Versace in my Italian Hotel Shopping Mall Poem I stopped there. This was well worth it the store had an elevator between floors which featured a fur lined seat and grey leather walls.  The transport craft then opened to a room with large tropical fish tanks and then to walk upstairs it was to ascend past a winding funhouse series of mirrors (this store was the experience).

The Missoni store had a beautiful silk sweater in the window worn by a mannequin dummy which was if four palio flags have been twirled coming back round to form a diamond pattern of interlocking wide-sided triangles.  Stopped in the Casa Armani which did not hold my attention as it had in the past and then Trussardi Alla Scala cafe which had given up orange volcanic flouresence for black and white and I skipped hor d’oeurves there)

Then I visited the famed galleria built back during the time of Vittore Emanuelle and realized for the first time that it was musica septembre  and that thr Galleria building is referred to as the “Ottangono” (and I  looked down at the glass panels on the floor and saw that indeed they were ottaganos).  A lady was playing a piano concert in the exact center of the antique mall.  The pianist alternated between Haydn and Mozart (it was wonderful and I stayed until her finale).

Then after a bathroom stop at the infernal McDonald’s this writer ventured to the uber Milano department store across form the Duomo “La Rinascente’.  So here it was the new season and the Milanese were shopping enmasse trying out new fragrances which hordes of sample jockeys were happy to dispense (most clad in black). Teams of macho Italians looked for the newest in faux armani racing gear and name brand briefs.  The place was abuzz and I sprayed on Prada.  Scanning the clearance rack this non-shopper said no and returned to the plaza outside to make long rounds of the Duomo and its’ newly refurbished front facade which is absolutley stupendous and gleaming (almost enoughj to make you take up Western religion and convert).

Then it was the walk back to the hotel area after seeing a Robert Indiana(not Gary’s father after all non?) corten steel “LOVE” sculpture out in the plaza (love fourways it was or is I wrote about it before “Ov love olives evolve”.

Then I went back to the tratttoria I ate in when here in 06 (the name of which this repeat diner should have written down) to have my memorized meal of Salmone e crostini, risotto frutti di Mare, and a pear dipped in chocolate on a bed of custard. The last course was unvailable and I added a salad and for dessert had mixed berries with vanilla ice cream.


The I went to sleep in a room which on the six floor in the back overlooked the well of the building which made for interesting sound effects and a view of a far off city scape including a large neon billboard glowing green (evnetually late at night it was turned off -hey Times Square are you listening while glistening).  Asleep I had a charged up dream starring the gold medal winning olympic snowboarder Shawn White ( Torino on on my mind).

Then it back to the airport  and the flight which I almost missed (should have gotten a wakeup call but got a good exit row seat this time) .  Lost my press pass left behind in the rom it was George Clooney day at the movies on the plane fell asleep duirng some of Leatherheads but watched Oceans 13 all the way through.

Since coming back this time I saw Tony Roberts at the Amish market in Hells Kitchen while I was sitting having soup and he was passing up the hot buffet and Samuel L. Jackson walking into the premiere of his new movie ” Lakeview Terrace” at Loews 68th street( also walking into the premiere though not on the red carpet but through a side entrance  was the Queens Hospital’s Emergency Room’s own Dr. Peter Ditmars who I knew before he was a physician- I menawhile was only filling up time before a Bikram Yoga class as now I go to the Upper West Side location having become a Midtown refugee)