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Blah Blah Blah If You cannot Take a Joke

June 17, 2014
  1. photo If you can’t take a joke you can get the bleep out of this blog it was an echo, which was not originating with you rather, it was emanating from behind Vacuous double entendres are a triple threat Here comes Ichabod Cranium Black ink ketchup allover the Marlboro Man who is now being dissected by Dr. Ruth as Jazz fusion with an Eastern European twist is played to cheap white wine drinkers at a converted IHOP I know my poetry my rhyme But I am an asshole Grown strong through terrifying moments of interdependence Happenstance, is not always a lap dance Clans of Rymans rhyming with Luc Tymans If we need one liners rewritten We can just depend on the arrest of Paul Simon This is the way this goes downtown Now I am not going to catch my breath to take a Cigarette, take a pan au chocolate at Paris baguette One should never forget that before there was GAGA There was the fashion and art orchid we like to call Colette but if you cannot take a Joke you can get the Fuck out of this blog I am not pulling the wool over anybody’s eyes But by now one would surmise that aesthetic morticians had franchised multiple alibis not limited to but including the sunrise You cannot say certain names this is just a game There is no one to blame But if you can’t take a joke you can get the Fuck out of this blog A run at the mill where released was a gleaming one hundred million dollar plus diamond encrusted skull A thirst for Hirst and Hirst things first Hirst things comes first and Hirst thinks first unitl something or someone or other goes bust or super yachts burst Are you going to take the fizz out of my piece of shit Was not the art of explanation re-mastered by some erstwhile corkscrew twisted Brit I am all for it But if you Cannot take a joke you can get the Fuck out this blog BLAH! BLAH! BLAH! painted the painter painted the painted on scrolls grates and canvas Blah blah blah said the poet blah blah blah collected the collector bah bah bah said not the polyresinous sheep herded into the auction house bah bah bah said the alcoholic lamb grazing guzzling fat check nuzzling Blah blah blah blogged the blogger If you can’t take a joke you can get the fuck out of my house and whose house is it anyway? And you can’t take it with you You think that you are friends with Chris Christie but you get the handcuffs He is a ham and that is why he became a proscuittocuter to begin with What’s your ping to that pong? Was it just vacuous non vacuuming vacuum cleaners All lit up and starring in the instillation he is such a great guy you don’t want to say anything not nice about him (or his work) no not him yes he is a jerk but if it all leaves you cold you are still going to grow old so do what your told or for you there will be no gold you cannot take it with you, giant balloon dogs wallpaper art virtual reality in the round amateur pornography a Titan’s iconography door to door debauchery vanity art on the selling floor sorcery
Play doh by Koons

Play doh by Koons

I want to punch back From inside of the punch-lines after reading the headlines while beating all deadlines BLAH! BLAH! BLAH! cannot be copied BLAH! BLAH! BLAH! BLAH! BLAH! BLAH! CANNOT BE COPIED BLAH! BLAH! BLAH! Voluptuous Perignon Phallic Gallic Voluminous Perpignan He did it on porpoise She did it on a porpoise

He did it on porpoise She did it on a porpoise

He did it on porpoise
She did it on a porpoise

After all chasing around with the shark in the shark cage is nothing compared to the sharks who are sharking out here after all we have to save the dolphins with porpoise and all the porpoises ostensibly otherwise tensabarriers, weighted overhang bars, diving armor, spear-guns and becoming a submerged trophy hunter will never be enough to fight off thin linen wearing money men trading commodity in the form of abstract conception baby! inflatables are debatable Sandwiched in with what is non-equitable On the Road looking to find the next big bad art piece to get all upset over Schmutz: I say it is Schmutz! Schmutz, Schmutz, Schmutzie goodbye! Not since the advent of the first mixture of cream cheese with jelly! Not since the invention of cream cheese and jealousy! Its a tour speech in a garden which cannot be heard on the closed circuit microphone out amongst the surrounding flowers; tiger lilies or orange orchids but you go out to talk to Joan Rivers who is there all dressed up in black and white and that old comic killer Phyllis Diller and the artist Collette who would be emblematic of the blossom on many a night Thats because engine roaring i was motorcycling through a ring of fire in a previous stanza which disappeared to come back blazing within burning cliche language appropriated by plastic artists to exclaim a new proclamation on a variation of the very same thing Welcome to an art world or a world of art already filled with ready made victims and some victimizers ready with ready-mades or ready to make ready-mades Everybody ready, gentlemen start your search engines Inside the proverbial Trojan Horse A Chia Don’t kick a gift mount in the mouth Except that he is not my steed, Fetish objects, Are there any objections, to a fetish for objects insatiable for inflatables Goo-goo for marbles I will give you all the muster I can muster for luster and then I will give you some bluster Is there anything wrong with some solace with a fetish before committing a major crime? Object lessons in objectification Subject lessons in subjectification Where the subjects are subjects Subjectify my lust It all started with a plump posterior a round ass out in the suburbs whose curvatures would have been as if a dangerous road looking to handle turned around becomes an invitation to please You blindsided me with schmutz, Toots! Here comes the Rabbi, there came the Rabbi Back when it was even better than the real thing And years later he wanted to know Why Koons had to be so self-effeminizing But the congreagants purchased him a Pousette-Dart I should not have blown the way I did at you misdirecting rocket fire onto you from Gaza But then you got me with your words like we as if we had shared some long drunken evening @ the Plaza—- And now I am allover schmutz heralding some false biennialist Just because I got pissed and you had to find some way to take advantage of it Gem warfare its a Baby Jane Holdup  I am happy to be offended Out of shape bended To make sure that the never ending Has never really ended Dead vacuum cleaners play docents Save your life raft A slap from 100 percent pure crap One hundred percent pure crip one hundred percent pure blood the inflatables, the incredibles the never ending never endables If I can buy a visual spoof for 25 million and sell for 35 I am certainly game but if I get stuck with the lark there will certainly be someone else to blame Jeff loony Koons Claes Oldenburg and Coosie Von Bruggen’s looming spoon Balloon scriptures Another looming Koons My eyes lost in a sea of objects laid upon the sparking golden lame mardi gras tablecloth: lobster shell crackers, water glasses, antipasto platters, water glasses and so on and so forth Skull and balloons The sacred heart of Jesus The Sacred Heart which believes in us Yeezus! They’ll tell someone else to ban you from the house but still take you for a drink at the bar inside of it downstairs The ever changing face of commodities and their transfers therein In a pawn shop I have lots to offer for sale but gold coins turn to chocolate and get eaten so the only thing the house wants is the the endoscopy video screen and cam for which they are willing to pay $375 And in expecting this dreamer experienced subdued joy But when the recompense arrives it is but a single hundred dollar bill and ten tickeTS for a big bus lines double decker tour in London, England to which there are mot plans for me to fly-Ali Blah blah blah! It is the only problem I know of where the solution is ignorance Book 2: What Matadors to you does not necessarily Matador to me Afrozen, a portrait artist says that you are fat and attempts to flip a commission Stop eating the Italian bread Or rainbow cookies in its stead Universal slut What that Matador was out the door Before David Bowie released the video for “Pity She’s a Whore” A mat and a door, a matador not a toreador Shalimar You arte gonna be a big star You are gonna go far You’re never gonna die Riding the the stainless steel Jeff Koons, Jim Beam train They are all so Matadorable No Koons for many moons? A Donkeynado is what you get When a huge sudden storm cannot get itself together properly with an animal in a dream And when Donkeys fly they are far more lethal than sharks There is a mule which has an island in the Southern chain off of and which is part of the State of Florida, Don Key Donkey Donuts! Ha ha ha Ha ha! Giuseppe Veneziano, Do you think tha the is speaking English Veneziano, do you think that he has been speaking English all along? In a pay-phone museum or some semblance of such A round with interior chrome strip paneling, in lieu of wallpaper of course An exhibition of late coin fed devices of all the same make Interspersed with metallic painted on photographs by Kenny Scharf which look all the more like Andy Warhols Copies of copies of copies Straight ahead Sturtevant, Peter Stuyvesant was the last Director General of New Amsterdam But Sturtevant was not the final Empress of scam Split Rocker/Split Racker A Split Racker.s color transition right down the center of their brazier Botero bronzes, fat cigars and pietas “if you can’t take a joke you can the fuck out of my house” and what kind of house is it anyway, been kicked out of a few? and what is the joke? You know we are all going to build our own homes anyway you know that and write our jokes…. And because of deflation play ball like you are going to perform defellatio at the Boston Tea Party Allover Tom Brady’s backside 10365975_867995323233103_2795329156015484921_n

Not coming soon more Jeff Koons

I wanted to ride in his hot air balloon

when there is nothing else to do

you can count on me to swoon

when I am in the room with Mr. Koons

and if I had enough Swiss Francs he would be designing my tomb

I  copy therefore I am

lost in a sea  of  transmissions

Cannot regroup to see work from the Zero Group

Poop snoop loop de loop

ISIS crisis human sacrifices

terrorists who follow conceptual art

Beasts who work in the tradition of the late Chris Burden

Costumed , caged doused, set ablaze, burnt alive

Bulldozed, buried and resurrected as propaganda

If the Whitney Biennial

should give way

to the New Museum Triennial

Somebody shall offer up another Quadrennial

or some other multiple of a perennial

I now reopen this poem to rip a whole in the heart and the soul

of all my fans from Norway

I am tired of so called good art it is time to embrace BAD ART it is so much more honest

I want to drive around and make bad art fart on find me the next Chase Utley branch Jenny is a Hoser we at least we think she is not a Hoosier big name bad art

New old characters enter the poem
Demetria Daniels
Walter Robinson
Jamie Dalglish
Glenn O’Brien
and Mark Kostabi
We are all there for the
Mark Kostabi Show
First called the Mark Kostabi after having been titled
Name that painting
And Title This
The game show keeps going on and I am a panelist with Robinson and O’Brien and I have not been a panelist for a very long time but my co/panelists will not talk to me though they will talk to Demetria so soon the make small talk in the confluence with me
Soon as we are naming paintings I tell Kostabi that he is stultifying and about to tell him the same his paintings which he does not do himself and I am about to just say they are bad but being that this is not situationally correct I do not and soon the dream ends

I dream there a picture of me featured in a glass cabinet display at a retrospective exhibition on Willoughby Sharp at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

I enjoy getting mad at bad art.. Christopher Wool is like Donald Trump he doesn’t mean a thing that he is saying but he going to stare into space looking off from a white room with a cube hanging overhead… suppose if I do this if doing this will get me this effect and everybody is going to buy it then I will be that.. And if you can’t take a joke you can the bleep out of this reply

Well how to be a stand up comedian until you cannot stand it no more

standing around or standing your ground going around waiting for one liners

and delivering the one liners schtick with zip until comedy becomes rhapsody?

becomes the painting on the wall  which you can sometimes make disappear

did you hear the one about the nurse about the doctor about the Rabbi

about the African American guy about the Jew about the art critic

well it was all quite funny quite punny  nowback to the punch line into  the heart of the punch bowl of an emotion traveling down the smoldering pelvic bone

back when one was going to say no shit Shalom

whether it is megapriced crap or bullshit wishing  that it was so expensive to purchase

there are not enough wheelbarrows or space to pile it into

but sometimes one rise and perhaps I am continuing to misread the whole thing

tour guides love exhibitions at the Museum of Group Sex

maybe I will get on a Tom Sachs Space capsule launch and venture far far away

from Blah! Blah ! Blah!

a Jeff Koons fiberglass pooch falls over crsmashes at the Miami Design fair a downward downside dog a downward downside dogward going joke

It was  a smash hit

How about an article about the top ten art objects to be dropped from the top of a building by David Letterman , back when he still was dropping things

Stand up for stand up comedians and for stand up comedy and then sit down because the bus in motion, there are things happening of such great proportions like that Don Pickles is gone Priscilla Presley Presley Priscilla Presley Gerber the murders in Manila
Phyllis Barry Thriller Diller

Pillow penny exhibits in the pup Palazzo pandering Toopy politi it’s potentially a wrist risk arrest but not to Rick’s arrest a rest is needed after after pandering to pull the pity potentially you will not pull out fastened to the Palazzo pill a Pity exhibits in the Palazzo pandering to bility is potentially a risk you risking arrest but not to risk arrest the rest is needed after pandering to the lady potentially you and I’ll pull out fastened to the Palazzo pull up pretty exhibits in the Palazzo pandering to Billy it potentially risky whisky rest but not to risk arrest is needed after pandering to the lady potentially you and I pull out fastened to the Palazzo pull up pretty exhibits in the Palazzo pandering to Billy and potentially risky whisky pandering to the lady potentially you and I pull out fastened to the potentially potentially potentially risky whisky

Pilopotti Rist at the Palazzo Pitti

Make it Hirst so good, Make Hirst so bad

Lets make a lot of money and have some fun in tbe sunny with Peter Tunney
Great attitude – “GRATTITUDE”

Yes honey bunny lets make a ton of Tunney money and then go hangout with the Tunney Bunnys

Its so sunny I can see all of the money and I can see all the Tunneys

Elephants can dance

I have nothing else to do so I find myself prostrate before the neon vagina

Light up the neon vagina over and over again because the truth always happens over and over and over again

Gau pastry says the docent the tour guide the lecturer leading the group through the exhibition of early 20th century avant garde art possibly dada possibly surreal his pronunciation is corrected by the dreamer more that once and the wording is really heading for gateau or off into @ #gaypastry  or just French gateaux made by a patisier whose name starts with a G a late famous French Patisier- Gaston Lenoitre and his English Wikipedia page to be

Blah ! Blah! Blah! Oh the Blahssabilities

Never loose tbe ability to say Blah Blah!

Blah … Blah  blah blah blah blah blah … la la la la la blah blah blah all tbe live long day

Its not real dough its play doh but you can’t pay with play doh though this play doh is so full of dough you can pay for play doh with real dough or a bit of play dough and buy some more play dough to play with which is more dough then you know to dough with

Can I build the rings garound your shithole? Holy shit its the shithole
A holy shit-Holy cow moment! for all ages for the ages for the local newspaper pages for the blog pages hell its contagious holy shithole once just a hole to shit in now its a Presidential statement an obstacle in the way of a potential tax abatement Holy Shit Shalom!46440285_287305698657339_5773218335462260736_o

Nonsense you cannot become Rauschenberg by erasing Banksy who is not DeKooning
but what does it matter if this is the end of the world what overprice works do you find the moon in them or just wonderful works you find the moon in
Calder is hanging down from the ceiling the roof it is descending from carry that $17,500,000 weight… run dog run wool is back pulling the wool over our eyes has been pulled down over our eyes I feel like pornographer again what is obscene if I can capture it can I then capture what is beautiful so hungry big puffy down in for the winter self encapsulating dream suitmy updated super Art-world epic featuring new words on Shalom Neuman, Ron English , and Banksy. 45091299_10156347438978124_259310450087297024_oheavy heavy thought into the the enclosure recombinant icons mixed up again to come up something spit back at us add to the vocabulary be cited as such by the right interests and ne heavily rewarded playing pokere joker joker joker don’t be smoker poke me with the hot poker

Better to Brainwash then to whitewash

If you can’t take a joke you can get the bleep out of this post
But if you can, well, I guess younhave just shoplifted

You can’t play ketchup with Andy
Because he plays ketchup from beyond the grave…

He gave everybody fifteen minutes and in return he gained an eternity

If you can’t take Djocavik then get the fuck off the court
If you can’t make a a joke if it get the hell awaynfrom this blog

Blah Blah Black Sheep
Shepard Smith leaves Fox

That was a Guggenheim thing it was later stolen f4om Blenheim Palace where it was connected into the plumbing as an installation and it’s sudden removal caused a flood.. Take that Duchamp take thT Robert Gober Take that Mike Bidlo take my Maurizio Cattelan please!

Lucy Sparrow felt like it

An artist in all washed up rehab does a sculpture of reindeer in chopped liver to represent being left out on Christmas and walking inti this quorum two famous women with very curly hair much attention paid to it in creating the coiffures but it is all seemingly so nonchalant ignore me when I say hello and one wss Rachel Feinstein the artist not the comedian but perhaps the duo included both

You know for anybody who has been paying any attention this should really come as no suprise. You are not paying $120,000 for an ephemeral object which can be redone in perpetuity but for the right to begin a new
money laundering thread.. This is just a smaller version of $90 million dollar balloon dogs and stainless steel bunny rabbits. Does this apeel to you£ than the language itself is corrupted by the endless bad jokes about the hanging berry. Schtick humour needs somewhere to go and if all the Richard Prince canvases are already taken the fruit and vegetable aisle might not be. Stick it in some flavored bacteria this is Banana culture. Time for some fun. Calling Carmen Miranda
But what a fruitful experience everybody going bananas the hungry artist who ate the thing was clearly not a starving one Datuna ate DaBanana now they have to name the beach City after him Datuna Beacg, Florida and the famed auto race tbe Datuna 500nhe ate his way into 15 minutes “are you kidding?… asked the gallery direct clearly it was not

DaFishernan ate Datuna ..DaTuna Ate Dabanana

Baby Shark ate Datuna … Datuna ate DaBanana

you know the first President of Zimbabwe was Canaan Banana the Rev. Canaan Banana they say the British Foriegm Secretary Lord Carrington was very happy with it because it rendered the new nation a banana republic and then in 1982 they made a law whereby it was a crime to make fun of the president’s name but then years later the Reverand Banana got arrested for drugging and assaulting his bodyguard among many others and one headline read “man raped by banana

California Here I Came!

August 23, 2010

Well besides landing at the airport with the mad rush between flights on the way to the winter games this writer had never been to the city by the bay.  So here I was California here I came with a stopover Continental frequent flier special and finding my way to the BART train (Bay Area Rapid Transit) this traveler made his way downtown to meet up with friends who were also visiting the city.  It was pouring and at first checking kimpton hotels this blogger could not find a room for there was a convention in town.  Growing restless he decided for if in the event he was unable to find anything he might as well see the contemporary art museum before leaving town. So traveling bag in hand  he made it to the  Mario Botta structure

The San Francisco Museum of modern Art by Mario Botta

which looks as if a camera component inside a core after first enjoying a hot soup at the Cafe Boudin (like the French painter) and talking to his elusive friend on the phone.

The museum turned out to have a treasure trove of work to see as up was its seventy fifth anniversary exhibition

Seventy Fifth Anniversary show

surveying its entire collection among the artists shown were Matthew Barney,

Matthew Barney in Frozen Petroleum Jelly

Ellsworth Kelly Kelly ShapesRichard Misrach

Misrach Palms Ablaze

, and Jeff Koons

Michael Jackson and Bubbles by Jeff Koons

Later on when I got out of the museum it was still raining and this traveler still needed to find a hotel and it seemed that he had tried every boutique hotel in town when he stumbled upon the High Elizabethan themed Sir Francis Drake and found accomodations available at about one hundred forty dollars a night including tax. Then just about to settle into the palace replete with door sentry Beefeaters he thought to try one more place the Lahkspur and they had a room with breakfast and internet in the dining area for around ninety dollars a night  available for several and this writer decided he would return to the grand hotel named for the naval admiral for drinks only.

Beefeater Stands Sentry Outside The Sir Francis Drake in San Francisco

So later after many calls and booking in to the Larkspur I met Neil and his Friend Steven for drinks at the Sir Francis.  We all decided to take Neil’s direction and have dinner at a healthy Vietnemese restaurant near the Castro.  Among other dishes we had the spring roll and later on a roll we walked through several neighberhoods in the rain almost two distraction.  Soon it was time to go back to the  hotel and the next day scheduled was a trip to the Napa Valley to which I was lucky enough to have been spontaneously invited.

The next day we three met and made it to a zip car in a rather random indoor parking lot at an office tower off a side-street at the bottom of a corporate tower with an adjoining hotel.  From there we made it to over the Bay Bridge

In the Zipcar over the Bay Bridge

through the suburbs and in what seemed like nowhere we were into the lush Napa Valley to the town of Yountsville.  Here in what seemed to be one of the culinary headquarters after Steven waxed on about Thomas Kelller’s French Laundry, Neil and I walking away soon ran into Bouchon

Bouchon in Yountsville

and Bouchon bakery

Bouchon Bakery Entree

owned by the same man (I did not know Keller owned the laundry at the time).  Here at the patisserie etceteras next to the high end eatery where black birds sit stealing crumbs from wood table-tops Blackbird Sits this writer had a lime confection and admired the twin establishment’s facades.

Next it seemed as if we were going to do a winery tour before a jaunt to Calistoga for mud baths and we settled on Mondavi.  Meanwhile, this is as good place as any for this blogger to interject that the fertility and luxuriance of the valley had him taken very by suprise and the springs forthcomingness in this late February- early March resounded awakening senses doubly voodooing the  double decker world of mystique versus mistake with dreams of  a Loire Valley sojourn past.

Soon we were at Mondavi just down the road and it was Californian mission style as if out of a daydream.. The day had grown a bit rainy and the forces at hand decided that a wine tour would be too time consuming so walking the alcoves of the homestyle welcoming corporate manse with an exhibit of the works of the sculptor, Benny (Beniamino Benvenuto) Bufano (whose work I had been introduced to at the San Fransisco Moma retrospective of itself a day earlier) in all their shapes buxom and sleek not as if either as much as Botero or Brancusi sufficed and we were off the the culinary institute of America’s Greystone Cellars for lunch.

Greystone is a very large place and after walking around we wandered into the restarunt run by the students for lunch.  I cannot this far away from the meal this time remember what I ate except for the  bread  and some wine (though I expect it to come back to me at some point).  Though I remember it was excellent and everybody was very happy with what they had and satisified with the overly indulgent service.   next it was  onto Calistoga where somebody had to have their mud bath.

So arriving in Calistoga at first everybody was going to get a mudbath though two people had to buy bathing suits.  Meanwhile while walking down the street a lady of great charisma pulled us into what seemed to be a n art gallery but turned out to be a heretofore missed wine tasting oppurtunity.

The place turned out to be the tasting showroom for the Vermeil wines partially owned by Dick Vermeil the onetime head football coach of the Philadelphia Eagles and the the Superbowl winning coach of  the  the 1999 St. Louis Rams who originally hails from the Napa Valley and keeps up a strong presence there.

After we were finished and had received the reconnaissance on which mudbaths to go to from there and we proceeded.  Once there there was a two for one special which the other two went for and I declined.  Instead I made use of the pool for after dipping and walkwed back and forth to the nearby hippyish cafe with art and books and weirdos  for green tea.

Soon the others mud bath appointment would be over and I wound up joining all fr a swim in the pool and a relax in the jacuzzi.  Soon it wastime to travel back andget the zipcar to the place it was to left for the next anonym to pick t up and pass the torch of vehicular convienence.  Firs there was a drive up into the hillsthrough Calistoga with I in the pasenger seat and Neil at the wheel. I was frightened and he enjoyed it (but this was nothing compared to the white knuckle descent down into Sedona, Arizona which would be had by I later in the year which this blogger was lucky enough to suffer through himself for his fear was palpable and it would have been embarassing for anyone else to have seen and pehaps a bit dangerous if not in the end therapautic).

The next day it was agreed on that we wouldvist Berkeley as I had arranged to see the studio of Salma Arastu for whom this blogger had written a forward for her new monograph.  Neil was excited to see an artists’ studio in the area as if to move to the area and Stephen to eat at another Foodista must stop.

Meanwhile overnight this writer began a series of daily typeathons on the computer in the back lobby o fthe larkspur writing my blog and doing the wiki thing.

The next morning it would to be to take the BART trainto Berkeley from downtown SF.  Stephen would depart for a gourmet lunch and Neil and I would be ciked up by Salma I cannot remember where to be off to her studio to see her work and Stephen would perhaps meet us there later.

Salma was in great spirits and explained how wonderful if not expensive it was to live in the area of the city by the bay. Salma hada studio in a large old building and had flourished since trading the Lehigh Valley for the left coast.  We saw her work and her line of Islamic greeting cards and then lo and behold she took us to a local Indian restaurant for lunch then a return to the stuido then a drop off at the bayfront marina with a restaurant in Berkeley. Meanwhile again she picked us up and we returned to the studio and  Stephen with his keen eye and diplomatic flair added an Arastu to his collection.

Neil and Salma Arastu at Salma's Berkeley studio: A Suite in Green and Blue

Sometime after writing this last section I realized my timing was off that after the day we went to the Napa Valley there was a day kicking around SF where the first thing I can remember now is going up the hill finally on a street car what a rice-a-roni treat.  People were very excited as the bottom of the hill as they waited on line at Mission avwenue

Here Comes the Rice-a-Roni Treat

Cable Car Turnaround Works

to go towards fisherman’s wharf to get a good set which I was waiting for after I bought the pass

The Cable Car

.  The conductors were as brusque as if they were in New York

The Cable Car Conductor

and getting down and off now it was a few blocks walk over to San Francisco Bay and Fisherman’s Wharf

Fisherman's Wharf

.  Here indeed I was able to see the harbor seals sunning themselves on the piers and a bevy of them to boot

Harbor Seals Hardly Seen for afar


At this point this blogger feels in it is better for the first time to go non linear and sort of stream of conciousness as he waited too long to write this entry and cannot for the first  time remember everything in the proper order it happened probably because there were other people involved.

So I know then that we all had in Chinese food in a Chinese restaurant in Chinatown sometime later.   Chinatown was right up the hill from union square where I was staying which then down the hill led back to the bay and fisherman’s wharf not to mention an i talian section and Nob Hill (which we will hear from later).  Neil and i at some point did a Yoga class in some nieghberhood which had lots of thrifts shops and yoga for the people.  meanwhile on the bus we were threatened by a man in a wheel chair who threw a punch and we left the bus and walked.  Somehow we wound up at the Fairmont after another cable car ride at a Tiki bar for which  one presses T for Tonga in the Fairmont elevator and found ourselves in the mother of all Tiki bars the tonga room for which I later started the wiki page.  This is the hotel from hotel and the mini series and stands still as a grand dame atop this hill across from the mark which has the top of the Mark which I didn’t visit later while considering it on the way back form Japan.

Thoguh the final day comes back to me  succinctly that first we went down to a gourmet market by water’s edge and it was raining for the first time during the visit.  Here they wanted to show me all the gourmwet options and while stopping for a coffee we met a highly eductated old man who was roo-too-tooting his Princeton credentials while wearing a hat from his alma mater.

Cafe Goer in Princeton Regalia

Soon afterwards we three went across the street and Steven went to see a “A  Single Man” for a second time the lush Tom Ford Movie starring Colin Firth in adaptation of a story by the German novelist Christopher Isherwood who later resided in California.  Meanwhile Neil and I made it to the Museum of Asian art a vast treasure house which could inspire a trip to the east in the immediate.

This was all agfter a reconnossaince mission to a gallery to retrieve Neil some art which after much michigas he had all returned and that is now the past. Meanwhile it turned out the painter Vonn Sumner who we both knew from art intrigues opast was having an exhibit at the PaulTheibaud gallery for which Neil could stay but I could not (but I did see the exhibit as you will see on the wya back from Japan) for the opening to see new work by an artist who we discovered in Newe American Paintings in the Barnes and Noble on west 82nd street in NYC all those years ago.  Meanwhile we saw some modern apintings at another gallery and then that evening Stephen had a dinner planned at a gourmet restaurant named Canteen which was off of the lobby of an art school which one had to venture into to use the bathroom.  Their menu was mostly culled form local suppliers and growers and there is not much I remeber except squash soup butternut I believe and an art nouveau kitsch lamp of a harlequin.

Harlequin Lamp at Canteen

Later Stephen had arranged to go to a comedy show which turned out to be a hosted by a large woman who looke dlike an eggplant from Liberia and Stephen and Neil one in orange pants like a cantalope and one in green pants like a honey dew in trio with the mc who was also a playwright looked like a mini produce section of California fruits and vegetables.

These comics were out for fun and they were also out for blood and as it was a small audience they focused in on us.  Neil quickly left and I was left to bear the brunt. It was merciless.  This almost brought the whole thing for the next morning Stephen and i went on seperate flights form the airport and Neil stayed behind.   Next after a bought rip through the first class lounge and business class I was back to New York for a little over a week and then onto my next destination Japan.


The Performer's Ship Which sets Sail in the Tonga Room Pool