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YUUUP From Strorage Wars Rode My Bus Yeah!

May 16, 2012

This Tour Guide and YUUUP from Storage Wars Discuss after he got off On Canal Street Yuuup Left an Alexander Hamilton Behind Way to Go

The Shopping Mall Poem of Arabia Book 1 and 2

October 11, 2011

–Book 1 nd 2 of The Shopping Mall Poem of Arabia–

—Book 1—

Here I am trying

something new

totally after leaving the Moroccan mares

for a Persian Gulf camel- the sea creatures

who devour their other after the reproduction ceremony

set down now to have a cappuccino

pack myself into winter gear

for death and to position myself

to feel soft flesh next to ice

out off of the desert

now to reline notebooks

with tales of the physical properties

of phalically prominent

posturing young men or youths

in pantalone di cavali

waiting for an assignment in yet another shopping mall poem

Dubai is the

kind of place

where when they come and say

“and you can have a car, a home, and all the money you ever dreamed of”

you go!

Wearing a cologne by Thierry Mugler

called Pure Coffee

parking lot attendants

soaked in the turn-out

of 120 degree heat

gush sweat

their bright yellow jumpsuits drenched

sand blowing fans everywhere

Two guys in Armani jeans walk by

one his muscular ass fits into them

like a city block on the cul-de-sac of the mall avenue of fancy shops

At the Armani café sits two

I thought it was they

but then they come down walking the other way

but going over the two diners are gone

and indeed it was and then they weren’t there

and it was they

He smolders

they smolder here on the Gulf

Construction of the Shopping Mall Poem

is twenty four hours a day

by order of the Emir

and it goes up because of the coffee

Just like once did Manhattan

and does Manhattan

and not only is a date cheap here

it is entirely free

On the Sahaab Oman

The Omani The Armani

Oh I mean the Omani boat

An Omani barque

in the port of Old San Juan

During 1992’s Gran Regatta Colon

on the Armani boat

people were wearing fine line sipping subtle cocktails

elegant sailors

all of it had a feeling

as if it were out of the Video Rio

of the song by Duran-Duran

in San Juan in 1992 for the gran regatta di Colon

Dubai desert airport

globes made from the surface of semi-precious stones

finding the UAE on a sphere available here as the curve of Arabia

comes up across form Iran and a little further off across the water fromIndiaandPakistan

On the simulated mountain

all must go down

in the special four wheel drive people mover craft

and with several aboard including myself

the vehicle takes its’ course

and with my swift and keen eyes

after a brickwall explodes

I guide the guide to miss the large patch of cracking thin ice

Down the Grand incline in the all of the mall now

people who weren’t expecting to have more children

having had them appear younger

An Argentinian painter and his wife

a septuagenarian dentist and his better half

he looks (is?) so much younger now’

his hair having gone black form white

Take the dromedary over to the pharmacy

Ishmael takes you into the dessert

off of the flight deck and into the mall

I am thinking in rewind

every snack bar in every polished mall in emirates

is a no-fly zone

Dubaifrom the sky

like another las vegas as strip mall of the mind

flying in hot forBangkok

or in the earlier paintings of Santi Moix

managed mirages in duplicate vertexes and vegetal ferris wheels

at the line of depth where time hits the water

and in you are in and out you are out

blue skies or in if in a sandstorm

which a lady blogger on trip advisor might mistakenly label fog

and then try and pick you up

Dubaifrom the sky yet another mirage

in and your in and out you’re out

Wearing the long robes of apostasy

this writer would now saunter through the mall

in the next scene to be filmed here

The Souk Nazi

Up in the sky high in the Burj al Dubai

where the tower bends in the desert winds

so that the structure stirs and shakes

and now to get up there and shake the hands of the shaking sheiks

and lets hope the Sheikhs keep on shaking

up there where the high tower meets the desert winds

De Vrije stopover

get high into the sky

and come down de vrije

on the way toDubai

popover to the stopover

cafe for some pie

or turkey on rye

on your way toDubai

The vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry sheikhs

an albino arab leader, a black arab leader, and an arab leader in pink robes

and if the last of the three were spill like like a malted onto a McDonald’s tile floor

a strawberry sheikh would be

it would be a strawberry sheikhdown

or strawberry sheikh down

but only now for a play on words

if either the vanilla or chocolate sheikh capsized

Now go out into the dessert for a pack of camels

and I wil meet you back in the mall poem

Never turn the hand backwards against time

and thus the watch becomes history

the wind up winds down

if increments of the Earth’s orbits

were transformed into diamonds

and then pulled form the carpet

oh! Genie of the bottle

we are here waiting fro you to appear

three wishes

not three more near misses

Here in a carpeted cordion

under a sheathed glass escalator

mall employees and shoppers sit

a lady in a bhurka with a young son

an Asian woman her face made up, her hair pulled back,

a pink scarf tied almost tightly around her neck

and complimenting her muted lipstick,

while a big pink pocketbook placed under her folded hands

rests on her lap

she in turn knows the guy to my right who is also in black

who also knows the smiling dozing off guy to his right while next to the

him is a black man with a moustache who has his eyeglasses resting on his forehead

and to his right is another older Asian woman in a melon summer pantsuit

carrying a Starbucks takeaway bag

and then we are back at the younger Asian woman with the pink pocketbook resting in her lap

and the lady in the bhurka with the young son who is looking at me

and then here I am

I am obscene retail –

where sex sells even as it doesn’t exist

Round and round

on the bus

and on the slightly changing loop

of BBC  headline news

around the elliptical second floor mall stage

above an incision in the floor

looking back down at the ground level

‘never go backwards against time’

so it is all the way over to a chocolate expresso place

to after a candied macchiato at the back end of the loop

go back forward and descend to a Roberto Cavali store

which offers none of the theme park distractions

his place does on the Via Della Spiga in Milan

I can feel the lights go out  of me in the hallways

The forty virgin Megastore

Virgin recommends Virgins

Keep walking through life with an X on your back

‘Target’ by Ralph Lauren

now after having had café mocha and a chocolate pudding custard confection

I am leaving

as got up the Asian man against a slice of ornage of a seat with backing

Virgin didn’t recommend seconds

The shot heard round the shopping mall ellipse overlook

the sheathed glass escalators

central cash infusion

Salon de the –you have to be swilling to die

The golden curly locked Russian gargantuan

toting the sinous East Asian prostitute

and or girlfreind

points out a store of lingere

or loosely ftting dresses

and suggests that this would be good for her

following this couple through the mall

other East Asian women from the pattern fallout

but a second couple is in tow

with a less burly Russian man

who has another East Asian girlfriend

in black shorts and a matching rhinestone studded belt

they cannot not all decide which way to go

through the mall

and as this writing fallsout from behind

he makes mention of the second girls Rose Tattoo on her arm

Waking up in the morning

after a dream of avoiding wrong way oncoming traffic

there is an accident ahead on the parkway- So I turn on Morbid

(now if your’e going to be morbid be all the morbid you can be)

at the Forty Virgin Megastore- forty of them or so not to be exact

well whose being exact ad who’s being exacting like for a safety deposit box

which doesn’t exist  in the personal identity theft lottery on the internet

I can feel the light go out of me in the hallways of the the Jumeriah Palm Atlantis

(I remember the Honorable Gunther Weist saying(”I throw big party for Sol Kerzner at the Plaza”)

while the only people left with money during the downturn Nouveau Riche Russians frolic in bathing trunks

and look at sealife themed beach ephemera

There is o saving myself

I have gone back to the contract

between God and Abraham

and been driven into the dessert by Ishamel

and now I don’t even know if he is going to want me anymore

The buildings are a forest of incongruent novelty

come in all shapes and sizes like the tour guides the double decker concern puts on the bus

Russians step onto the stage like the Poles in Death inVenice

thought the here the Bangaladeshis handle the Poles

The two color all covering though leaving room for the face watersuit for observant Muslim women who wish to wade

perhaps a dip in the ocean or a drop into the pool mindful to look after children

available now in the Abu Dhabi wing this Emirati shopping all poem

and no drinking water during the day no matter how hot it gets

remember now it Rmadan

and during the day eateries are closed during this month long holiday during the day

in this shopping mall poem

though you may be able to sneak a water from the Chinese girl at the chocalatier if you hide it in a shopping bag

shhh! she’s just over there

The Emir opens the metro now

Sheik Maktuhm opes theDubaimetro now

The stations look like giant winged insects

with feet to the street and the mouths for the tracks to come in upstairs ajar

Sheikh Mahktum opens the driverless metro

the Sheikh opens the worlds’ longest driverless metro now

In the valley between incongruent architectures

I missed my mark

which was a Jumeriah palm and from which Ishmael took me out into the desert

and expecting an amusement park all I found was a temporary camp


Smoke rings

Olympic rings

the deep long furlongs, the straightaways

the flights taken out and over

a reverse which came in when

the victim was caught looking

the travel back

the vortices of sky, smoke, and haze

theis new building a newtowerofBabel

our reasons for rounding and arcing

for above it all it all comes to be seen

out over and around

and there stands the Burj al Khalifa

winds over sky , vortices, the Bird’s Nest Stadium

the vast coverings dividing now the forms visible

the Burj al Dubai now the Burj al Khalifa a name changed

as a thank you to Sheikh Al Nahayan from sheik Maktuhm

a movement takes us one direction

then another in another

never  with winds over sky

do we know what shall be uncovered

the great stalk gone pyrotechnic fantastic

the sheiks shaking in the shaft

the desert blown the cover blown

the coverage thrown , uncovered? The veil unkown

Dubaian overwrought fantasy constructed

at the cost of other’s contrition

spoilt over estimates

as if undertaken by a Long Island Princess

the flattened father has no spine

Ishamel took me into the desert

I made it to the oasis

the death cab will not pick me up and take me to the airport

— Book 2—-

A truly toothpicked towering creation

Laid upon marble bread layerings and foundations

The Burj al Turkey on Rye

with a piece of black lettuce

Representing Tom Cruise in the latest installment of Misssion Impossible

Hanging down over the side

Was never Bahrain

Strapped tightly in

From overhead

After heading over To Ferrari World;

Beautiful boys frolicking with their parents in a seaside pool in Fujairah

Canon balls no such thing as Modesty

Bus tour guide comes by smiling

Scandinavians Russians

I am caught across From the Mall of the Emirates

by the recreation of the old souk

and have to make it across the road for the book signing

by the exiled Prime Minister of Thailand Thaskin

Only so much vanity to bask in

An Emerati needs my table and I am up and around still able

“Poverty’ is the tome’s label

The United Arab Emmerichs Andre, not Jeffrey, actually it is

Larry, Gagosian who leads The Abu Dhabi shiekhs

Towards giant Jeff Koons cracker jacks rings

Well after all oil came out of the ground

Like the prize out of the stencil on foil covered box

and as the woman with black hair In a black top

Behind the wheel of the black Audi coupe automobile

Will tell you Via her liscence plates “I Love Oil”

The Burj al Khalifa the Shiekh shack baby yeah!

The clothes are almost unwearable

The heat is just unbearable

Sex sells Where it doesn’t even exist

The empty quarter is the one the person walking  next to you picks up

the one which you missed

With the  Bridge of the Horns

Eventually will come

Transcontinental access to the Haj in Mecca

Via a  mass pilgrimage overpass

and Super cities on both sides of the Red Sea divide

of the world’s longest suspension bridge

Has been was is Bin Laden is not Aladdin

is not  anon laden Tarek not Osama

In and on the Horns of Arabian and Africa

Where the situation is starvation and is not

Tonight at the Khalifa

The Burji Boys tonight

Tom Cruise is on a mission

Tom Cruise is a muscle hanging off of the middle

of the of the Burj al Khalifa

Tom Cruise is a Burji Guy

This poem is not about broke out of work malfeasant poets

who couldn’t get fucked by an Angry Jesus

if they were part of Occupy Calvary

and need to be put up against a wall and power hosed in black golduntil they resemble a deep South Aboriginal

or coal

This Shopping Mall Poem of the Emirates is going up 24 hours a day by order of the Emir

But, offers connections to “Other Desert Cities”

Such as

Doha , Qatar

Palm Springs, California

Tuscon, Arizona

Tripoli, Libya

Marrakech, Morocco


Las Vegas, Nevada

Otherwise once deserted cities

Such as



New Orleans



Tucumcari, New Mexico

Other Deserted Motels Upon the Fruity Plains:
Tucumcari, New Mexico, U.S.A

Other deserted cities

Upon the fruited plain

Seafood and other desserted cities

Upon the fruited plain

Other deserted cities upon the fruity plains

Other deserving cities

Some deserted cities are in the desert

While other deserted cities are on the fruity plain

Russian boys in speedos

In repose I suppose and the feeling grows

To do hot yoga in the Emirates I suppose

Just with more clothes

The Bridge of Horniness

We will cross that bridge when it is built

There is a place called Queens and also a Queensland

The first being the borough of Queens in the city of New York

and Queens county in the State of New York

But, there are probably other geographical entities where the plural or plural possessive

Becomes the name

Though, in this case it was not a plurlaity

Rather, a possesssive

The Queen in question

Having been

Catherine of Braganza

The Queen consort of Charles ll of Great Britain

Who had too many beers?

Archie Bunker, too many people had too many beers

Everywhere it seems except for in the Emerati Shopping mall Poem

Where the beverage can only be had at your hotel or your hotel

In the shopping mall poem

In this the best of all possible worlds

I would rise up again into a Vanilla Sky

A Gold sneaker turnaround

Mercedes electroplate corridor

Tom Cruise was a missile who grabbed at the shaft of the Khalifa

and did not let go

Everybody screaming holy Murder over at Barney’s over Gaga

but as far as artists go Barneys as far artists go thats Matthew

Artists performance and otherwise are going ape shit over the GAGA boudoir

Supoposedly stolen from Colette Lumiere

However Barney’s the high end retailer is owned by the Government of Dubai

A place where Miss Germanotta

Just might wind up standing in the cooler in her meat dress

Well to do

Yet unemployed youths in Dubai

Come to play video games

Here in the shoppping mall poem

Opacman first and foremost

First and foremost Opacman

Target is by Target

But, here in this poem target is by Ralph Lauren

Dramatized scene wear for those high bounty prizes

Engaged in all that was about to have been

Oil ministers, black market businessmen, teroorist hit squad leaders

Ex-government chiefs in exile

There is more to the Mossad than does not hit the eye

The Mossad is now friends with the Emerati Shopping Mall Poem

Whilst before they were just people they might know

There is no cash bar in the casbah

To visit other deserted cities that is the fruity plan

The Fantasy sprang from where fantasies spring

The Magnolia Bakery at the Dubai Bloomingdales

Is that the first stop? On the No Sex in the City Tour

Celebrate our second birthday with the sweetest treat in town from Magnolia Bakery! Two cupcakes – one chocolate one vanilla – topped with buttercream icing are yours for AED22. Available until February 7.
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Priscilla Queen of other deserted cities:
Abandoned Ghost towns,
Municipalities which had nuclear fallout in the vicinity,
depopulated planned communities and residential experiments;
Arbiter of other resort cities
lush oases – golf course habitats
with huge atria
as if for the staging of a Wagner opera
open houses lit in a booming sunshine light
with songbirds in flight
motorized boat rides to and fro the lake slash moat
both inand outside;
Priscilla Queen of other dessert cities
ornate confections
Spun sugar
Fancy restaurant fantasies
Macadamia nut parfaits
Bananas tiered off into the terraced levels
Of palatial gaming facilities
The Spun sugar
Of fancy restaurant fantasies
Caramelized action figures
Sculpted with the precise instruments
Of an Epicurean engineer
To place a super confection atop a layer cake
Rounded by white chocolate buses- double decker
It’s PRISCILLA:Queen of the dessert
….And for Sex to Sell where it doesn’t even exist
It must appear at least in sublimate forms
Such as a bondage straight jacket by Dolce & Gabbana
Perhaps at their store on the highest end retail cul de sace
in the Mall of the Emirates
Sir Richard Burton snowboards
@ Ski Dubai
Emerati Borders and the Borders between Emirates
are open, but is the Borders at the Mall of the Emirates closed?
The union doesn’t back a strike
and the employer strikes back
And so you are back around the Empire
Talking about the Burj al Khalifa again
to another busload of women
who wall get off at the  Empire
and who largely tip largely
including those whom you attempted to impress
with tales of the Emirates
seen after Shakespeare in the park after dark in Dubai
 oh boy you are going back around the Khalifa, back around the Empire
but now they are going to the headsets go to the audio
The Employer strikes back
Shape shifter at the shake shack
sip shakes with Sheiks
where I will be just to have a heart attack
after a planned shark attack
and I will be back
where behind rock solid asses in tight fitting jeans
Arabian studs are escalated towards the cafe Armani
and the backs of people are seen
as they facer thwe gian acryklic windows of fish tanks
Here doused in pure coffee by Mugler firast name Thierry
we shall enjoy it in the by now vintage latex bondage straight jacket
from Gabanna and Dolce
Sexy ladies in zipper down foam core as if muppet suits
Multiple garments, head to toe coverings
and zipper up upon leaving the disco
Whenever in the Gulf from now on
I plan to play Qatari
Playing Qatari I found television network
if were the Emir then I would have brought in the world cup
and have bought a Paul Cezanne”, “Card Players”
as if to play my net worth
A blaze and Italicized Arabia is engulfed
at center mall the nursery baby-sat an international rainbow of infats
some of whom perished
as charcoal clouds rose over pink orange inside outside
grey and white pediments stood forth
where once robed sheikhs walked on by
Villagio in a blaze engulfed
the Italian Quarter under blackened skies
Jeers from Algiers
Now how I served Moroccan roll
A horse owning former parking lot attendant
double decker ticket selling tour guide
doubling down, doubling down
oogling fat female asses
 while roustabout fighting I finally
throw him over my head in mock combat
Oh! the sweet intoxication of love
Atari Qatari Safari
You say Cutter I say Qatar
And in that other Desert City of Palm Springs’
A land of opportunity beckons
in orange and green
Hanging Umano beads hanging
from the boutique spa portion
of the grand opera house mega hotel
golf resort with its own waterways navigable by motorized launch
stopping at all waterside restaurants

Meanwhile “Other Dessert Cities”

could be the name of a producer of ornate confections

or simply a miniumal bake

in the valley Coachella

but, if you gave the title to a sort of faded pretty boy publicist

organic mail order business frontman

exotic twink chasing pool lizard

then bommeranging it may or may not find financing with or without you

The strawberry Sheikh now emerges

Saddling a White Arabian steed

My Sheikhs are not Shaikhs

As sometimes spelled incorrectly

As entered into an internet search engine

Now this poem will eventually

Cross the Bridge of Horny Horniness

After years of going back and Forth

Through countless rows and mazes of corny corniness

But, rest assured it also goes form shore to shore

While the core remains intact

Because while it goes abroad

It alson comes tot otur the inland Empire

and all the outlying moonscapes of the Southwestern United States

and much more so including the California Baja

So like Jeremy Lin it must

Work not only the backcourt

But, the entire inlaid floor

I am going to Home Omar’s Heaven!

Palm Greens,

Palm groins

Tom Wolfe likes to make use of the word loins

after staying at an embed and Breakfeat

you can always make your way  back here

Were the fireworks for the opening
of the Burj

Oohs and aahs in sequences of light
Oohs and aahs into sequins of lights

Light sources moot
A humming bird leaves the tree
A fortnight in a courtyard it should be
should have been
can still be
This humming bird has left the courtyard tree

Where once a light was flickering
The toy dog still yaps
Grabbing the leave bearing rise for support
The multi directional songbird
Scrambles to escape almost bouncing
before making this winnow

A pack of ugly coyotes resides in Desert Springs
and is always on the lookout ffor illegal aliens
who come in the form of chihuahuas, who are often unattractive as well

While back in the Emirates you have to know your dunes and dont’s

While in an American mall you leave a gym steam room to cool off by an ice skating rink like from city to indoor ski slope in Dubai and then stop in to be a market research participant and eat multi flavored multi colored licorice twisted together as cable for broadband a peel apart tripartite confection followed by endless questions typed intot he computer by you and a three dollar reward plus free entry to a comedy show from hot to cold to hot! hot! hot!

Rodolfo Guglielmi Valentino

in an act of apostasy became the Sheikh of Araby

So how can this bard help but fashion himself the Shopping Mall Poet of the Emirates

With a whole glorious poetic epic of monumental enclosures ahead of him

It’s a tabbouleh rasa

A frozen glass on a warmish day  in early spring

makes on dream of skiing in faux St. Moritz

While a dust storm blows through outside

Snow and ice

I am down with ice

Skiing inside oh that was nice

Experiencing hot and cold is a buffet

Sometimes best saved for another day

A family from Abu Dhabi and one from Italy

Are both aboard the double decker tourist sight-seeing bus

and together I say they are Ferrari World on Yas Island

They had met on an earlier bus and were back together again

and at least all of the suns were ablaze smiling

Fireworks in brushstrokes of Édouard Manet,

In the chapeau of the actress Mery Laurent

Black black streams green blue

for the stage is set for pyrotechnics

When the Dubai sky is a chapeau noir

What was your first date?  Was it a cheap date?

Was it a ripe date? Ready for date rape

The Caliphate is a salad state

I am not gemaphobic

I will put on the robes and tell others to move it! move it!

I don’t want to go see the al Shababet

After all it is not Italian ISIS

You have to know which direction you are beheaded in

Shaved as if hotel supplies accordingly suffices

Gonna land somewhere and pull a next book out of the crisis

Falafeller Center, “Let There be Chickpeas”

How do you pay for shawarma?

Ask for the chickpeas

Well here comes the chick of whom you wanted a piece

and she is not pleased

Here comes Captain Salad bar

Tabbouleh of the World

You here animal noises downstairs

and you are informed that is Saudis

who want to pay you $150 to bring

some sheep to the airport

What was your first date was it a cheap date was it was a ripe date ready for date rape

Caliphate, its a salad state

The burj al Khalifa cordially invites King Kong to pay it a visit

The continuous line which extended out after beginning as the arc of a plane in sky sky headed to Dubai and drew itself out farther as the drama unfolded as pictorialized by the artist Aratsu and went onto full rotation traveling full length around itself as the encircling pennant which became the upper circumference of Bird Nest Stadium in Beijing in 2008
Now it was handed over to be streamed as spray paint from an aerosol can as participatory graffiti as part of “Public” sculpture exhibition at the grand art fair in sub tropical wonderland handed over by the long talk conceptual dane to the shopping mall port to go around tbe piece the crowd created to paint now! to paint!

Abdul Rahman soup

Got taken down by the shake shack all shook up in a shake down like all the sheikhs came tumbling down in King Salman of Saudi Arabia’s sheik up when the the steaks are high some sheikhs are up and some sheiks cine down…. But in the immortal words of leave the alteration salon quickly “shake it off shake ut off”

Al Shabaab is stopping in for some kebabs but sometimes the al shabaabs are the shish kebabs

Caliph fornication
Everybody is leaving to join al shish kebab nine Somali terrorists run through by a thinnish elliptical ovoidal spear
the al-shabaabs’ the shish kebabs

every buddy on the list who is pissed is showing some interest that they wish to swish and become a shish calling all kebabs

Isis, crisis, Human sacrifices
Terrorists who follow conceptual art
Beasts who work in the tradition of Chris Burden
Costumed, caged, doused, set ablaze, burnt alive
Bulldozed buried and resurrected
As propaganda

To get the most out of a ghost town
For the 2022 Fifa World cup Doha, Qatar is the host town
Do you know where your Hadaaded?
Do you know where you Hadaaded to?
Do you like the things that the Arabian Shopping Mall Poem is showing you?

California good down to the last Crip
the Salton Sea good down to the last sip

I watch Talalabision

Now in Dubai they have a Shake shack
So you can sip shake with an actual shake at the shack while shaking in a sandstorm and what’s shaking sheikh
Now at the Milan expo they had a grand Eataly where as in Madison Square, Park in New York is it is where you original shake shack is across from Eataly so that being in the lawn was there a shack shack across the street from Eataly by the great tour guide and eater Steve zorilla I was asked I answered no but it was across from the UAE pavilion in the sheikh were shaking over there

Dubai school the musical

Is a trip through the Empty quarter as difficult to survive as a relationship with a Jewish woman and as dry
But to return to all scents male Bedouin nomads and camels

And to become gaunt for this jaunt to travel through the great Arabian Sands even through the salt flatlands of quicksand to arrive at the mirage of the palatial mega mall

Drop Facebook.messenger and take to the dromedary like Thesiger
Be Important enough to have no comment upon you at a paid symposium appearance by Dr.

Qaboos wants your caboose

Have an awesome time I know that their best guides will be able to find the lost components from the Peacock throne in the words of the great David Bogaisky Ayatollah you so may you not sing the great flock of seagulls line Iran so far away settle down have a few and may you beheaded back well informed and well, well rested Well Oils well which which ends with well

The United Arab Effeminates

Red Sea Restop

Having crossed the Red Sea and on the other side now

the forces of Pharoah are caught up by the waters re-walled

Moses and the Jews do not carry forth right away

but dally to party, relax   and unwind on a vista overlooking the Sea

just as this poem has taken out time to re-calibrate

Red Sea Rest stop Moses you have parted the waters

now let them go, but, now that your people have gone

don’t let the Egyptians come

but you too were once Egyptian

Though now the Tribe has stepped on over the line

story to resume at another time

The last available enuch

Women in Saudi Arabia are being allowed to drive automobiles for the very first time,

Mecca a right turn

Mecca a left turn

Some even might get the idea to go all the way to Abu Dhabi, UAE

Singing what Sheikh Mohammed al  Zayed  al Nahan must have been kicking when he decided

That in fact  that

What I need to do is find myself a brand new Louvre


Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman al-Saud has a big Krushner

In the Kush, In the Kush

Jared Kushner in the tush

They took Prince Talal  out of. the boardroom of Twitter

And placed him on the Riyadh Ritz Carlton Shitter

Indoor swimming pool with deck seating and magnificent high ceiling and arched windows



A king bed faces a seating area in a room with a chandelier and curtain-covered window
Lavish breakfast spread with an omelet, sausage, pastries, fresh fruit, granola, salad, juice and coffee

Govenors Island 2- Prince Harry Plays Polo Again Ivanka Rides the Boat

August 28, 2011

So this lost to forever to repeat himself navigator of avenues thought himself so hip as to voyage to the Sentabale, Veuve Cliquot , Prince Harry Polo fete  once again having had so much fun last year.  But on that first day the weather was perfect but on this one though sunny and clear it was hot, humid and opressive.

He dressed the part and made his way to the shuttle this time alone.   He began snapping photos as he talked to what turned out to be the social editior of Paris Vogue (or so the person said) then in front of him was a beautiful couple and he took a few photos.

Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner on the way to the Polo Match on Govenor’s Island 2011

This social editor of Paris Vogue who sits before the Kushners in the picture said that Naomi Campbell was supposed to have come but decided to make off to Miami instead at the last moment (too bad and I was going to ask her badness “What do you get for your assistant for christmas? and then answer “a helmet” get slapped, sue,  make a couple of million and remove myself from atop the double decker bus).

When I arrived on the island again we boarded trolleys to take us through the press gauntlet to make it to the champagne and food and polo veiwing area.  On board the trolley someone was giving a slight tour and whenver she was wrong about a fact while she was facing the  others  aboard including I&J from the seat next to the driver I corrected her and took over.   When we got over to the site, exited and  approached the battalion of photographers were pointing their cameras directly at me, I asked why? (I did not know that I had arrived ) , oh yes I was standing next to Ivanka Trump (previously believe it or not I did not realize this).

This time I wore a Hermes Cravate sporting an orange field with unicorns and half moons and many people loved this piece of silken covered cloth ( you can see it here}.  It like the day was very hot.

Soon I ran into Demetria Daniels again and together we found a lawn spot.  We reposed with a couple of food and beverage managers from an Atlantic City hotel casino. The Prince at some point in the match fell off of his horse (that is while I was turned the other way and missed the debacle but heard the very audible oohs and aaahs and witnessed the besmirked aftermath).

Meanwhile at one point a bloated man in a sirsakir suit walked by me… he looked kind of familiar and scanning the  soceity pages it turned out to be the new Marlon Brando, Val Kilmer.(this made up for the time at Miami Art Basel when I had missed him and Anthony Haden-Guest was telling someone how the ex-Batman had remembered him)

By the time  this fancied up for the last time bad joke maker on the fly was completely winded and this started him on a course of summer asthma which was only abated when Demetria hosted a poetry reading for she and I in an Upper East side appartment she was sitting. Therein I met a Hungarian real estate broker who referred me to a Chinese herbal remedy for breathing which he said would come intot he lungs “like a cold cloud off of the Himalayas””
and so it did.  He sent me to TAO healing arts on Union Square west and  they sold me this   Use it- It works!!!!!!!!!!!!

And let it be said Ivanka never once asked anyone for a seat on the boat she and Jared were very happy to stand.

Lee Klein National Arts Club Shopping Mall Poem of DubaI Movie

August 8, 2011

Lady GAGA on the Way to the View I got a View

August 2, 2011

Lady GAGA Signing Memrobilia in NYC on August 1, 2011 After Her S.U.V is approached by Autograph Seekers on her way to the View

Here Lady Gaga was put into check by Salvatore Ferragamo……..

Pequot Museum, James Taylor and Carole King Troubadours, In the Heights

July 6, 2011

Historical Recreation Figure and Canoe at the Mashantucket Pequot Museum Foxwoods

Soon into this same late spring early summer season of 2010 this blogger finally made it to the Mashantucket Pequot Indian museum on the Foxwoods compound in Ledyard Conneticut ostensibly made possible by casino revenues.  Though he had been visiting the resort casino for years since its earliest days of being opened by an aging Frank Sinatra after having dreams of a casino in Greenwich and loved to right verse about its gamblers the museum had not been opened right away and was open for a few years before he finally visited. One had to take a bus from the compound a shuttle which he did and then paid the admission. Though when he made it downstairs with not much time to go to see it all a lady asked ” can I help you” ? like he was a shoplifter and when he produced a ticket he extracted an explanation as per her ridiculous behavior.

Soon during the listless days of summer set aside for doing things while flying high on jet fuel energy this blogger went over to see ‘In the Heights” the 2008 Tony award winner for best musical set in the nieghberhood just to the south of his own (Inwood), Washington Heights.   Written by Lin Manuel Miranda and hailed as 21st century Dominican answer to West Side Story with the George Washington Bridge the GW as its backdrop in a scene of step streets and a whole new battery of music including merengue and rapand at the time starring Corbin Bleu.

Next this blogger went on a company outing on the Clipper city.  It was a delightful late afternoon gathering and came with a drink and an extra for lending support with helping with the sails.

Aboard the Clipper City

Next this blogger watched the 2010 tony awards (partially hosted by Liza Minelli) live on a big screen in times square and an event hosted out in the public arena by Constantine the singer who was a runner up on American idol and at the time starring in rock of ages the arena rock review than on Broadway.

Constantine Hosting the 2010 Tony Awards Times Square Simulcast

Next I always wanted to see Carole King and missed her at the Today show when she played outside on a comeback tour so now thought the tickets were quite expensive I decided to see her with James Taylor at Madison Square Garden on their Troubadours tour.  I had seen Taylor at the obama pre inauguration concert as mentioned in a earlier post sing shower the people you love with love.  So they sang together alone then together again.  I really wanted to hear king Sing the din’t we have a moment song from a league of their which she did not  but rest assured the concert was magical how astounding to see two people who love each other so much and manifest for all to see in the round which was what the stage was. Turns out my cousin was there in much closer seats in the special vip supper club like area.  I t was wonderful.

james Taylor in Concert with Carole King at Madison Square Garden

And Finally Japan! Part 2

January 24, 2011

Cherry Tree

After the Toji Temple than I walked farther back towards the train station and town and found that most of the hotel life and historic stuff as well as the more modern part of the blockbuster station were on the other side from where I had walked out of as if a upstairs compartment down.

My first stop was the Land sect Jodo Buddhist Temple

Outside the Land Jodo Temple

and then to the fanciest restaurant I would eat in the whole time in Japan where I had a set meal with five courses which included sushi and dessert while a bunch of young men smoked behind me I made motion and they apologized and put it out. Next the Kyoto tower was nearby and I saw that it is was part of a chain of such structures once on the summit which includes Tokyo Tower and many others. Here I could see various palaces and temples from near and afar and witness just how incredibly elaborate imperial Kyoto once was and to some extent still is.

Because I had gone right down from the train station into a hotel and then ventured into the less beautiful side of the city this blogger had initially missed the grandeur of the Kyoto main station which he when experiencing it’s almost entire environs was the most beautiful building he ad ever been in now beating out Lord Norman Foster’s redo of the outlawed Reichstag now know as the Bundestag.  Here wow was a grand complex with two department stores an interior atrium leading up to high loft leves a hotel super palace to one side levels of restaurants and shops a whole wonderland and then the train tracks set aside (please do consult youtube here @

I only managed to get one photo off early in this visit and it was of an exit scene on the less chic side of the building.

Kyoto Train Station Exit towards the Vista Hotel

The architect of the new Kyoto Station which opened in 1997 is Hiroshi Hari and it is the second largest train structure inJapan after Nagoya station in Nagoya (where this blog will soon travel as well).

After surveying the station and its environs for like forever this not so tired traveler raced around to find the proper exit and traveled back to the Vista.  The peaceful entry found me taking the elevator form the ceremonial ground floor back to the lobby to the quiet internet station where this retired poet found an email informing him that the t-shirt company threadless wanted to use a poem of his for the t-shirt Puppet Ballet for their forthcoming book from Abrams. Heconsenting in handling this affair while asking for nothing not a free book not money much better than he did when his work was solicited for the shopping exhibition at the Schirn Kuntshalle in Frankfurt years earlier.  The poem went in here is the url for the book buy it (if I see you with it I will sign it) (yours truly is on page eight).

It was now time for sleep in my unbelievably peaceful abode.  In the morning I would awake and have the unlimited breakfest including miso soup and seaweed and then venture off on the right side of the city towards castles and palaces.

There was a buffet breakfest at the Vista hotel and I ate and ate for the whole day.  Then at a reasonable hour I got out and walked towards Nijo castle map in hand.  I did stop at an art gallery and saw some pretty exciting contemporary works, though it billed itself as a museum having an artist retropsective (maybe it was) and I paid an admission fee.  Meanwhile there is the famous anime museum nearby which short on time I was unable to stop at.

Monkey Tiger City


.Right before I crossed the avenue to the castle ground this traveler also passed a weapons store which had plenty of historic and ceremonial swords in the storefront windows



Weapons in the Storefront Window

But I was very happy to get to the royal and shogun castles which had a couple of slash palaces and cherry trees beginning to blossom.

First Blossom at the Castle

Inside the shogun castle at the seat of the royal court of Japan Kyoto it was shoes off time on the tatami mats and no pictures(though I sneaked a couple of cellphone shots anyway).  There were dioramas of the shogunate court with models places inside behind the glass.  There were wall paintings it was a rainy day and outside one marveled at the gardens and the moats filled with Koi (ornamental fish so used to tourists and being fed that they actually come to the surface in expectancy of offerings).

Chery trees were in the abound and after finishing this traveler walked back across the grid off of which this castle was when the side streets met a grand avenue and at the end of the route back came to a grand park which turned out to be the home of the royal palaces when Kyoto was the imperial city during the edo era when th eshogunate had their capital in Edo before the capital moved back with the restoration to power of the emperors to Tokyo.  Luckily though arriving late and seeing numerous cherry trees and a geisha re-enactor moving with an umbrella with the sun coming out now and after inquiring found out he was not too late for the days last free palace tour.

This tour was quite nice with a young lady who was affable, well spoken, and informative.  We saw two palaces and the grounds.  One highlight were the tree pruners high up in the canopy risking life and limb literally to perfectly  manicure the palace trees (she said it was no laughing matter recently a high risk gardener had died this way elsewhere in the nation).

When done with the park which had many side structures such as an empresse’s tea house this wandering blogger went  across the street to find the Kyoto main station.  So with an unlimited train pass he thought why not go see somewhere else since it was still the early afternoon.  Osaka and Kobe were right nearby a half hour perhaps and Kei had told him to see Osaka which has its own cuisine(the octopus balls hail from Osaka) and of course this blogs number one read post is the Osaka spa in Hammer, South Carolina as 1-95 drivers google it for the directions coming and going from the north and the south, but now to actually go to a spa in Osaka now that would be a post.  But it was not to be he had a ticket to ride and when he sae Hiroshima and that it was about two hours by train and worked out the train changes and the return on the last train of the night he knew he had to go see the Atom Bomb dome which at some point somebody told him he could see by getting ona trolley car.  So he took the train past Osaka and the station shin Kobe and  mad it to Hiroshima and now it was dark he found out about the trolley cars the streetcars lets say they went right down the avenue and stopped at peace park right before the river where to see the atom bomb some the only structure to still be standing though a shell) after the first atom bomb ever to be dropped on a target in was in history.  It was amazing to see this historic structure it seemed eerie something of the fateful past harkening right back to that to that moment when it became with everything else a xray. The visit was brief he got back on a  bus because the streetcar was taking to long  got his bullet train back to Kyoto station and then walked around the transportation palace mesmerized escalating back and forth in the great space which Hari had wrought.

The next day was a holiday and room rates skyrocketed buffeted by hs fast paced traveling he hoped to go to Nagoya while remaining in Kyoto and then go back to Tokyo the next day.. But it was to be that he and his belongings wwould make the trip to Nagoya which was the gateway to seeing Frank Lloyd Wrights Imperial hotel entrance and lobby which had survived the great Kanto earthquake and then when the hotel needed to be raised because the foundation was ruined the front part was moved to the architectural park named Meiji Mura (which this writer had found out about in researching Tado Ando another famed architect who had built a seismically sensitive structure).

In fact Nagoya was a city this writer had never  even heard of before making this journey to Japan.

So again I boarded the bullet train towards Tokyo disembarking in Nagoya.  First this traveler needed to get a hotel.  He went to one side of the station and thought he had found one which turned out to be a wedding hall where the people sent him to a brightly colored building which turned out to be a budget hotel which turned out to be closed. Stressed out now he knew he would have to cross with his heavy bag to walk through he tunnel to the other side of the tracks to find a hotel. Stressed out now he found an indoor baseball batting cage facility and decided to hit a few balls.  He was satiated when making direct contact with one and hitting it far.

Indoor Baseball Batting Cage Facility Nagoya

This last effort gave him the juice to find a hotel which he did which was a bit more expensive than the  one in Kyoto but he was able to get onto the net and route his journey by train and bus to Meiji Mura via Inuyama.

Train from Nagoya to Inuyama

I t was sort of a commuter line train which took me there and then I had to walk over to the bus terminal where there was a public square with a display giving backround on a story of a monkey king.  After waiting a good time and a trip out on country rode to where a hill rose above a lake a picture perfect setting was the entrance to meji mura.  I t was a bit late in the day  as it had take me time to travel and find accommodations and to route the trip but it was the last day before returning to Tokyo fly home so it was now or never or miss Disney World.

The parked turned out to be huge and a sort of open air mausoleum for old Japanese structures both Japanese and western influenced building which once stood elsewhere in Nippon.  The  park is divided into five sections and I wanted to see everything but most of all of course Frank Lloyd Wright’s Imperial hotel which is what had inspired me to come.  It was a beautiful day and it was mostly uphill which after all this world travel I was alright.  One of the first structure was Lafcadio Hearn’s home a western writer who had lived in Japan. Later I made it downhill and one of my favorite structures was an old sake factory down there.  Th real show-stoppers like the cathedrals and jail and the hotel were at the far end of the park and once i was in sight of them I would backtrack so I took the train  over and saw Carnegie steel’s bridge and a hospital and such and finally the hotel where I stopped to have lunch in the lobby which besides the entrance and the fountain pool in front is now all there is.

Exterior of The Office of Dr. Shimizu (1897) from Nagano at Meiji Mura Intersection with Old Sake Factory Behind

Waitress Station at the Cafe Inside Frank Lloyd Wright's Imperial Hotel at Meiji-Mura

Frank Lloyd Wright Imperial Hotel Lobby Interior Meiji-Mura

Frank Lloyd Wright Imperial Hotel Entrance and Lobby Meiji-Mura Inuyama, Japan

In the end I had time to have lunch at the cafe inside the hotel while attempting to charge my phone to take photo at the outlets by the tables at the far end of the preserved lobby of the old hotel. Running form one attraction to the next as the hour of closing loomed I think I got it all in, the christian cathedral , the army barracks and may other buildings here in the wonderful arena of the past.

Going back on the return journey it was the same route with plenty of waiting for the bus and the train.. When back in town I went first to the huge Marriot which is 59 stories high and located immediately above Nagoya Station and considered the restaurants which were priced a bit high.  Perched a bit high was the top floor bar where I had a beer and some bar munchies and observed Nagoya Castle which was illuminated.

When it was definitely time to eat where trying to go to many of the restaurants language was a barrier finally I settled on one with a picture menu where I managed to spill miso soup all  over my thing and my jeans and my legs had a stain and rash.  It was indeed my first miso burn.

Out the window across from my room at the sunroute hotel was a Shell gas station and the way it faced where I stood or lay was as if a pop painting ready-made (and I don’t want to say by Ed Ruscha who already has too many Facebook friend request that person does, this person does not)

Nagoya Shell Station Ready-Made and Out Means Out

.   I looked at it when I got the room before leaving for Meji-Mura and again in the morning before the elaborate buffet breakfast where I took the time to read the English langauge newspapers before checking out and going to Nagoya station to take my final bullet train back to Tokyo to drop my bag off for a later check in at the Shinagawa Prince and head out to Disney.

So I did just that and then took the Tokyo subway out to Disney and saw the Cirque de SSoliel pavilion out there for the show called Zed based on the tarot deck which i had seen advertised endlessly on television.  The ticket price was like ninety dollars but i had to see the Japanese Cirque de soleil in specially constructed pavilion at Tokyo Disney, and so I did.

My cell phone was dead now but Zed was a wonder wow.  We followed the lead character right out of an anime in through his magical journey filled with spiritual symbolism.  It is one of the best Cirque de Soleil productions in the deck.  Check out more about it here-

Then thinking i would not go into the park this traveler realized that this would mean I would have been to every Disney on the planet. So I got the night time deal and head right to futureland and Space Mountain which was as crowded as could be as this was a Spring holiday break.  The line wound around and around and finally i was up there with the day-glo futuristic Disney loding dock where the lady announcer said welcome to sppasse Mountain in Japanese diction it was wonderful.. No chance of going on again right away like in Hong Kong where I rode it five times in a row for the line was too long and I headed along and finally arriving in “Toontown” decided to wait on line for “Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin” where I wrote on line and on the ride a whole lot of new bad jokes none of which I can remember now (but they were bad at the time).

Later skipping all the meet and greets with Micky and Minnie I went on the Pinocchio ride and took in the electric parade with floats and princesses and other Disney luminati making its way through all the lands then knew that Imust get back to the hotel to check in before my reservation was given up(though it would not have been) and the consequences would be turning into a pumpkin.  on the wqay out going through Main Street USA, Tokyo which here came in the form of a covered mall ala the Galleria in Milan.

I passed the blue Bayou restaurant where japanese girls dressed as Southern Belles welcomed you in as cajun music played for what looked as I read must have been a delicious meal- but in the words of the Mad Hatter I was late, late for a very important date one with sleep the night before flying out. But Flying out the time you will see was upside down and I was off to sleep.

I almost forgot to say that after the cirque I wandered into the shops and got a back massage and also checked out one of the hotels where there was a fantasy wedding.

So back at the Shinagawa Prince from the very crowded holiday trains and checked in and came down for a meal where i actually convinced them to allow me a free return to the salad bar.

My train the one with the Hiroshage wave painting on it which now rests in my drawer expired that day so wisely i bought  a ticket on the airport bus for early the next morning.  So early I rose to meet the bus and it was an exciting journey where i got to see the true expanse of the largess of the Shinigawa Prince and it multiple hotels all feeding into the one central lobby hub.  Along the way i saw highways, a great amount of cherry trees opening up and even Disney again from a distance.

When indeed  I got to the airport I found that I was not leaving in the morning but the exact same time at night.  I had misread the itinerary.  Luckily, I was returning via business class and this would allow me to sit in the lounge but this traveler did want to do that for upteen hours he of course venture back into Tokyo to see the Zoo he had missed and more museums in Ueno.

I had very few yen on me in fact only one bill which was just enough for me to get back to Tokyo but not to return to the airport.  SO getting to Ueno after the voyage back in I went to get money and the crazy machine wouldn’t take my card but finally i got some assistance and it worked and I walked up and out from the station into the park to see camera crews filming what appeared to be the first cherry blossoms in the park and cherry blossom season was upon them. Cherry Blossom Season Opens in Ueno

(Cherry Blossom Season Opens in Ueno)

And what I realize now finishing this blog post almost a full year later that now as the earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear incidents have hit the beautiful magnificent land that plum blossom season was on them again and now cherry with the willows blooming how ironic to see such devastation where beauty is everywhere.

I headed right for the Zoo and hoping to see pandas there were none (though there  are some one year later today).  it was a wonderful place (if one could call a zoo that) with a bounty of species and especially it was great to identify certain animals as being indigenous to Japan.  There were a couple of great moments for me including at a peacock enclosure.  In New York City on the island of Manhattan as a tour guide when going past the peace fountain at the side of St. john the Divine I say there are a couple of peacocks back here but watch out they fly down out of nowhere like a mother-in-law and lo and behold here at the Tokyo zoo one flew down out of nowhere like a mother-in-law we me looking on and so now I codify my St. John the Divine fine line by saying some time back i was in Japan at the peacock enclosure in the Tokyo Zoo and one flew down out of nowhere  like a mother-in-law and I told the joke the only problem was the only audience was me.

Tokyo Zoo Super Master Peacock which Having just Flown Down out of Nowhere like a Mother-in-Law, Struts!

There was a skytrain , which  eventually I took which helps one navigate the zoo (an area basically divided into upper and lower levels so it cuts down on hill climbing).  The territorial wars at the gorilla enclosure which though quite repetitive after a while kept his traveler fascinated

A Pair of Combative Gorillas in Their Enclosure at the Tokyo Zoo Remind Anybody of Bus Terminal Tour Guides

as did the macaque monkeys (Japanese Macaque, (Macaca fuscata) who are indigenous to the nation ), as in watching their pecking order in order to gain access the devouring of an orange.

After the zoo still had more than enough time for perhaps one even two of he museums here in Ueno.  Those which I had my eye on were on the ones I had missed in the visit here during he beginning of the trip with Kei the Ueno Royal Museum and on his day it was totally closed. However, walking across this voyager observed that its bookend was the National Museum of Western Art and this engaged him (perhaps he would even see the famous Van Gogh portrait of Dr. Gachet which once achieved the most expensive price ever paid for a painting at auction).  Though this piece was not there another “Roses” by Van Gogh was.  Though this writer thought that there were pictures of works from the collection on his cellphone library and there are not , so therefore he perused the collection (closed in temporarily Tokyo because if the post earthquake/tsunami/nuclear catastrophe)  again online to relight his memories. Here he was also able t se hs ancient press pass and gain access to the treasures therein.

He chooses here to reminisce that in remembering a Bonnard I was no a Bonnard he saw that wold have been permanent in his memory had he been younger but a quite flush Gauguin he at first though a Bonnard and only comes back to him now “Landscape of Brittany 1888”  (  The pinks of the soil are better seen up close and perhaps this will inspire you to visit Japan in the near future to see all the treasures therein and many more not Western.

There is a very famous statue of the samurai Saigō Takamori with his dog in Ueno park.  Takamori to cut a long story short was called the last true Samurai and fought against the Meiji restoration of the empire from the Edo shogunate, he bridged both eras.  I stopped to see this statue again.

The Samurai Saigō Takamori with his dog in Ueno park

This was it money then train ticket in hand I made the long trip back to Narita airport to wait for my flight.  was able t enjoy the first class lounge buffet and unlimited liquor, newspapers, and internet (laying off the booze mostly because of flying).   I bought a few trinkets kitty ones with most of my remaining yen and on the flight was in heaven with the bed chair .  The person next to me was a very large dead head type of social worker from the Bay area working on using up his frequent flier miles.  This was JAL , this was pure heaven starting with the hot towel offered followed by the fifteen segmented appetizers including very succulent sushi.

California Here I Came!

August 23, 2010

Well besides landing at the airport with the mad rush between flights on the way to the winter games this writer had never been to the city by the bay.  So here I was California here I came with a stopover Continental frequent flier special and finding my way to the BART train (Bay Area Rapid Transit) this traveler made his way downtown to meet up with friends who were also visiting the city.  It was pouring and at first checking kimpton hotels this blogger could not find a room for there was a convention in town.  Growing restless he decided for if in the event he was unable to find anything he might as well see the contemporary art museum before leaving town. So traveling bag in hand  he made it to the  Mario Botta structure

The San Francisco Museum of modern Art by Mario Botta

which looks as if a camera component inside a core after first enjoying a hot soup at the Cafe Boudin (like the French painter) and talking to his elusive friend on the phone.

The museum turned out to have a treasure trove of work to see as up was its seventy fifth anniversary exhibition

Seventy Fifth Anniversary show

surveying its entire collection among the artists shown were Matthew Barney,

Matthew Barney in Frozen Petroleum Jelly

Ellsworth Kelly Kelly ShapesRichard Misrach

Misrach Palms Ablaze

, and Jeff Koons

Michael Jackson and Bubbles by Jeff Koons

Later on when I got out of the museum it was still raining and this traveler still needed to find a hotel and it seemed that he had tried every boutique hotel in town when he stumbled upon the High Elizabethan themed Sir Francis Drake and found accomodations available at about one hundred forty dollars a night including tax. Then just about to settle into the palace replete with door sentry Beefeaters he thought to try one more place the Lahkspur and they had a room with breakfast and internet in the dining area for around ninety dollars a night  available for several and this writer decided he would return to the grand hotel named for the naval admiral for drinks only.

Beefeater Stands Sentry Outside The Sir Francis Drake in San Francisco

So later after many calls and booking in to the Larkspur I met Neil and his Friend Steven for drinks at the Sir Francis.  We all decided to take Neil’s direction and have dinner at a healthy Vietnemese restaurant near the Castro.  Among other dishes we had the spring roll and later on a roll we walked through several neighberhoods in the rain almost two distraction.  Soon it was time to go back to the  hotel and the next day scheduled was a trip to the Napa Valley to which I was lucky enough to have been spontaneously invited.

The next day we three met and made it to a zip car in a rather random indoor parking lot at an office tower off a side-street at the bottom of a corporate tower with an adjoining hotel.  From there we made it to over the Bay Bridge

In the Zipcar over the Bay Bridge

through the suburbs and in what seemed like nowhere we were into the lush Napa Valley to the town of Yountsville.  Here in what seemed to be one of the culinary headquarters after Steven waxed on about Thomas Kelller’s French Laundry, Neil and I walking away soon ran into Bouchon

Bouchon in Yountsville

and Bouchon bakery

Bouchon Bakery Entree

owned by the same man (I did not know Keller owned the laundry at the time).  Here at the patisserie etceteras next to the high end eatery where black birds sit stealing crumbs from wood table-tops Blackbird Sits this writer had a lime confection and admired the twin establishment’s facades.

Next it seemed as if we were going to do a winery tour before a jaunt to Calistoga for mud baths and we settled on Mondavi.  Meanwhile, this is as good place as any for this blogger to interject that the fertility and luxuriance of the valley had him taken very by suprise and the springs forthcomingness in this late February- early March resounded awakening senses doubly voodooing the  double decker world of mystique versus mistake with dreams of  a Loire Valley sojourn past.

Soon we were at Mondavi just down the road and it was Californian mission style as if out of a daydream.. The day had grown a bit rainy and the forces at hand decided that a wine tour would be too time consuming so walking the alcoves of the homestyle welcoming corporate manse with an exhibit of the works of the sculptor, Benny (Beniamino Benvenuto) Bufano (whose work I had been introduced to at the San Fransisco Moma retrospective of itself a day earlier) in all their shapes buxom and sleek not as if either as much as Botero or Brancusi sufficed and we were off the the culinary institute of America’s Greystone Cellars for lunch.

Greystone is a very large place and after walking around we wandered into the restarunt run by the students for lunch.  I cannot this far away from the meal this time remember what I ate except for the  bread  and some wine (though I expect it to come back to me at some point).  Though I remember it was excellent and everybody was very happy with what they had and satisified with the overly indulgent service.   next it was  onto Calistoga where somebody had to have their mud bath.

So arriving in Calistoga at first everybody was going to get a mudbath though two people had to buy bathing suits.  Meanwhile while walking down the street a lady of great charisma pulled us into what seemed to be a n art gallery but turned out to be a heretofore missed wine tasting oppurtunity.

The place turned out to be the tasting showroom for the Vermeil wines partially owned by Dick Vermeil the onetime head football coach of the Philadelphia Eagles and the the Superbowl winning coach of  the  the 1999 St. Louis Rams who originally hails from the Napa Valley and keeps up a strong presence there.

After we were finished and had received the reconnaissance on which mudbaths to go to from there and we proceeded.  Once there there was a two for one special which the other two went for and I declined.  Instead I made use of the pool for after dipping and walkwed back and forth to the nearby hippyish cafe with art and books and weirdos  for green tea.

Soon the others mud bath appointment would be over and I wound up joining all fr a swim in the pool and a relax in the jacuzzi.  Soon it wastime to travel back andget the zipcar to the place it was to left for the next anonym to pick t up and pass the torch of vehicular convienence.  Firs there was a drive up into the hillsthrough Calistoga with I in the pasenger seat and Neil at the wheel. I was frightened and he enjoyed it (but this was nothing compared to the white knuckle descent down into Sedona, Arizona which would be had by I later in the year which this blogger was lucky enough to suffer through himself for his fear was palpable and it would have been embarassing for anyone else to have seen and pehaps a bit dangerous if not in the end therapautic).

The next day it was agreed on that we wouldvist Berkeley as I had arranged to see the studio of Salma Arastu for whom this blogger had written a forward for her new monograph.  Neil was excited to see an artists’ studio in the area as if to move to the area and Stephen to eat at another Foodista must stop.

Meanwhile overnight this writer began a series of daily typeathons on the computer in the back lobby o fthe larkspur writing my blog and doing the wiki thing.

The next morning it would to be to take the BART trainto Berkeley from downtown SF.  Stephen would depart for a gourmet lunch and Neil and I would be ciked up by Salma I cannot remember where to be off to her studio to see her work and Stephen would perhaps meet us there later.

Salma was in great spirits and explained how wonderful if not expensive it was to live in the area of the city by the bay. Salma hada studio in a large old building and had flourished since trading the Lehigh Valley for the left coast.  We saw her work and her line of Islamic greeting cards and then lo and behold she took us to a local Indian restaurant for lunch then a return to the stuido then a drop off at the bayfront marina with a restaurant in Berkeley. Meanwhile again she picked us up and we returned to the studio and  Stephen with his keen eye and diplomatic flair added an Arastu to his collection.

Neil and Salma Arastu at Salma's Berkeley studio: A Suite in Green and Blue

Sometime after writing this last section I realized my timing was off that after the day we went to the Napa Valley there was a day kicking around SF where the first thing I can remember now is going up the hill finally on a street car what a rice-a-roni treat.  People were very excited as the bottom of the hill as they waited on line at Mission avwenue

Here Comes the Rice-a-Roni Treat

Cable Car Turnaround Works

to go towards fisherman’s wharf to get a good set which I was waiting for after I bought the pass

The Cable Car

.  The conductors were as brusque as if they were in New York

The Cable Car Conductor

and getting down and off now it was a few blocks walk over to San Francisco Bay and Fisherman’s Wharf

Fisherman's Wharf

.  Here indeed I was able to see the harbor seals sunning themselves on the piers and a bevy of them to boot

Harbor Seals Hardly Seen for afar


At this point this blogger feels in it is better for the first time to go non linear and sort of stream of conciousness as he waited too long to write this entry and cannot for the first  time remember everything in the proper order it happened probably because there were other people involved.

So I know then that we all had in Chinese food in a Chinese restaurant in Chinatown sometime later.   Chinatown was right up the hill from union square where I was staying which then down the hill led back to the bay and fisherman’s wharf not to mention an i talian section and Nob Hill (which we will hear from later).  Neil and i at some point did a Yoga class in some nieghberhood which had lots of thrifts shops and yoga for the people.  meanwhile on the bus we were threatened by a man in a wheel chair who threw a punch and we left the bus and walked.  Somehow we wound up at the Fairmont after another cable car ride at a Tiki bar for which  one presses T for Tonga in the Fairmont elevator and found ourselves in the mother of all Tiki bars the tonga room for which I later started the wiki page.  This is the hotel from hotel and the mini series and stands still as a grand dame atop this hill across from the mark which has the top of the Mark which I didn’t visit later while considering it on the way back form Japan.

Thoguh the final day comes back to me  succinctly that first we went down to a gourmet market by water’s edge and it was raining for the first time during the visit.  Here they wanted to show me all the gourmwet options and while stopping for a coffee we met a highly eductated old man who was roo-too-tooting his Princeton credentials while wearing a hat from his alma mater.

Cafe Goer in Princeton Regalia

Soon afterwards we three went across the street and Steven went to see a “A  Single Man” for a second time the lush Tom Ford Movie starring Colin Firth in adaptation of a story by the German novelist Christopher Isherwood who later resided in California.  Meanwhile Neil and I made it to the Museum of Asian art a vast treasure house which could inspire a trip to the east in the immediate.

This was all agfter a reconnossaince mission to a gallery to retrieve Neil some art which after much michigas he had all returned and that is now the past. Meanwhile it turned out the painter Vonn Sumner who we both knew from art intrigues opast was having an exhibit at the PaulTheibaud gallery for which Neil could stay but I could not (but I did see the exhibit as you will see on the wya back from Japan) for the opening to see new work by an artist who we discovered in Newe American Paintings in the Barnes and Noble on west 82nd street in NYC all those years ago.  Meanwhile we saw some modern apintings at another gallery and then that evening Stephen had a dinner planned at a gourmet restaurant named Canteen which was off of the lobby of an art school which one had to venture into to use the bathroom.  Their menu was mostly culled form local suppliers and growers and there is not much I remeber except squash soup butternut I believe and an art nouveau kitsch lamp of a harlequin.

Harlequin Lamp at Canteen

Later Stephen had arranged to go to a comedy show which turned out to be a hosted by a large woman who looke dlike an eggplant from Liberia and Stephen and Neil one in orange pants like a cantalope and one in green pants like a honey dew in trio with the mc who was also a playwright looked like a mini produce section of California fruits and vegetables.

These comics were out for fun and they were also out for blood and as it was a small audience they focused in on us.  Neil quickly left and I was left to bear the brunt. It was merciless.  This almost brought the whole thing for the next morning Stephen and i went on seperate flights form the airport and Neil stayed behind.   Next after a bought rip through the first class lounge and business class I was back to New York for a little over a week and then onto my next destination Japan.


The Performer's Ship Which sets Sail in the Tonga Room Pool

Conneticut, Vermont, Massechussettes, and onto the Winter Olympics in Vancouver

March 1, 2010

So as you were reading in my last post I was now in Waltham ,  to attend the premiere of Gary’s sister-in-law Jeanne Taylor Shapiro’s cinematic debut.  The Shapiro’s house however was in a town named Bolton not that far from Worcester where Gary and I had stopped in at a bar which was having an event which seemed to be a nineteen twenties dress up party musical evening (and also when we saw the sign for the Holy Cross versus Army hockey game which we would later attend).

We were not originally going to stay over but having escaped winter storms in both the mid south and the midwest by making tracks I advised Gary we better leave early to go north of the deluge as to almost totally avoid it.  After a late night arrival and a little reading and a little tough breathing in the morning I enjoyed my first ever pistachio bagel.  Then after conversation with the filmmaker and her spouse we raced over to Waltham to see the film.  Most of the cast attended and the response was ecstatic it was a tour de force of mood, the light dwindling in the late summers caress of lost early love of the dream disappearing into the bitter~sweetness of what is yet to come and perhaps it is or was a bit more Fitzgerldian then what we are used to from a  Hemingway interpretation,  but, there is still a  lot of Greenberg mixed in.

On the way back I had my eye on the hockey game and in my mind with that Holy cross there was a cross burning on the hill a flaming beacon bringing me forth towards the arena and blazing in my presence.  After the screening where the three boys who had played the brothers in the film and their cousin ruled their roost as did Taylor Shapiro and as the cast and crew posed for photographs.  Then soon it was time for the lunch at the Tapas restaurant nearby, where, this blogger had Duck in pomegranate sauce and artichoke fritters.

When we got back Gary brought me over to Walden pond long ago the home of the naturalist and writer Henry David Thoreau and we surveyed as much of it as we could upon this frigid day.

On the way back to NYC  we had it perfectly timed to stop at Holy Cross to see the hockey game which was a little into the first period when we arrived.   Though the game was a decisive victory by the cadets  learned that Bob Cousy and Tom Heinson were holy cross alumni and much more later about the Healy brothers (one of whom was the first african american president of a US university (Georgetown) and had the famous hall named after him there.

Then I was home for a few days before I traveled to a motel 6 in Connecticut to watch the opening ceremonies of the Vancouver winter games.  I arrived early at the motel and with the few hours to kill ventured to see some of the sites that i had watch on the Mystic seaport tourist television program broadcast as part of the cable formatting in the room that this traveler had watched through many updates over the years.

The first stop was the Lyman Allyn art museum in New London or thereabouts really this museum was new to me as was going past the United states Coast Guard academy nearby.  here there were lots of regional and older American paintings as well as a survey of modern and contemporary art including that of Wilfredo Lam the Afro-Cuban painter who combined Cubism, surrealism, and magical realism at different times and counted Picasso among his compatriots in Montmartre.

Then this venturer went over to the Nuclear sub base and museum in Groton, Connecticut to see the museum and the historic Nautilus which is docked their permanantly。  Also Nyc tour wise I was able to learn about the Bushnell submersible developed by a Connecticut man andthe aborted attempt tosink  Admiral Howe`s flagship in New York harbor authorized by General George and executed by another Connecticut man, Ezra Lee. Next this motel room bound tv viewer went over to have the buffet (where they serve New England clam chowder) everyday at  Foxwoods.

So then finally after checking all my suff on the internet at the simulated apple store (with apple products but not owned by apple used apples not rotten to the core) conveniently just off the casino floor this television watcher to be drove back to the motel six somewhere in the vicinity of  Flanders and Niantic.Approximately four years prior this blogger had made it to Torino and the one event (besides the opening ceremony wich included a performance by Pavarotti which turned out to be his last) he had seen had been the luge (both one man and two man in the gold medal races), tickets had been available and the motto of the games had been “Passion Lives Here“  most had to work.   Nothing had ever been more exciting more fast the aerodynamic sits the blades on the ice the sliders moving faster then the eye could see a line of chroma blazing only to reappear and zip out of sight once again the swiss and Austrians slinging cow bells the tightly packed crowds the surge the mountain air the multiple cappucinos the executives from U.S steel explaining the corporate sponsorship of the metal edges used for the sport– but now these games opened with a acknowledgement of the first nations chiefs as equals to other world leaders but also the death in a practice run of a young Georgian luger named Nodar.   The luge run would not be the same the start was lowered to where the women’s race began and I could not make it there for soon I was headed with my oft named friend Neil to a farmer`s confrence in Burlington ,Vermont.

It was a long drive to Burlington , much longer than I had thought.  I had passed the sign for the ferry across Lake Champlain several times on the way back and forth to Montreal but this was the first time that this blogger would be here.  The conference which Neil would be attending (he wants to start a farm) with I tagging along would be at the University of Vermont.  Upon arriving it was almost as if a Japanese wrestling match sumotaneous he was at the bus station but couldn’t wait so he told me what hill to drie up to find him where.

Where was at the U of V and soon we walked across the street from a large church where they were ending one program and setting up for nother to a question and answer session across the street which was followed by a Vermont farmers celebration cake with heavy icing of which I but not he took part.  After this event which took place in a wonderful wood paneled room which had a hemispherical like shape we talked in the hallway with a man who built and sold moveable greenhouses.  Then I (we) had the first of many cups of Green Mountain Coffee which almost seems to be the official Java of the state ( as is Ben & Jerry the ice cream).

Then we walked across the street and Neil said some senators would be talking (and who knew) and now the whole church was filled as it was both of Vermont’s United States Senators (Patrick Leahy(D) and Bernie Sanders (I) but caucuses like Joe Lieberman with the Democrats and was as a congressman the first socialist ever elected to the US House and is also a former mayor of Burlington) as well as Vermont’s lone United States congressman and lo and behold the United states Secretary of Agriculture, former Iowa governor and presidential candidate Tom Vilsack.

this was the Vermont farmers annual meeting and much of the crowd was interested in this issues pertaining to independent and small family farmers versus huge agri business.  They bombarded the affable Vilsack with questions and suggestions and one angry man screamed at him about the Yankee nuclear power plant and perhaps got questions by the  some feds.

Next it was time to do something else and Neil wanted to go to a young farmers event after a meal and some lectures in University of Vermont classrooms on subjects like the future of soil and farm rehabilitation camps.  Still I ate more apples but played it easy on the coffee after a health screening indicated that perhaps I should.

There was a main area in alarge building on campus which featured vendors selling things such as live worms and beekeeping paraphernalia, and meanwhile there were members of the Vermont secessionist movement in the abound (they even have their own Vermont republic flag).  Free ice cream was being given away while sing along guitar music was being played.

The first night we had to stay in the nearby town of St. Alban’s because everything in Burlington was seemingly booked.  First we got the hotel and then we went back to Burlington for a young farmers party where we partook of various refreshments and saw a film about the move to get young people to return to farming.  This was in a multi story building in Burlington on the second floor while on the first floor there was an exhibition opening about the video game in contemporary art (but it was mostly ho hum).

I had wanted to see the University of Vermont Art museum while there but it was closed on this weekend.  Seeing lake Champlain was lovely and now this blogger felt relaxed enough after finally getting all his mileage points from Emirates air posted to his Continental account to book his flight to the winter Olympics in Vancouver, British Columbia with a stopover to help a friend and a friend of this friend with an art escapade and to see the CIty by the Bay to which he had never been before.

Meanwhile somewhere whereabouts on the way back into Burlington from St Alban’s this writer and his friend stopped at the Goodwill store and this blogger got a pair of Paul & Shark linen yellow pants for $5 and a Helly Hansen suit for a similar price.

Meanwhile this blogger had heard an advertisement for the Von Trapp family lodge and was determined to stop there for what turned out to be breakfast in Stowe in the snow on the way out of town.

Meanwhile in town the second morning we were there and the first to eat together we ate in the Blue bird cafe which had many fattening things grown by local farmers but also some healthy choices in lovely wood surroundings and a pleasurable if not expensive breakfast.

So now back this traveler already had his ticket to Vancouver and now made his way to the airport and even got to San Fransisco on a cloudy day (so the Golden Gate from the sky would and the city by the bay from the heavens would not be seen on this day but the views later of Washington state and Vancouver as approached from the Ocean would be magnificent) early and was able to catch an earlier flight by sprinting through the airport once his continental flight was done and his United from SF to Vancouver was to begin.  On the flight a lovely couple from Canada on their way back from Florida and the Caribbean made for great company and thought the flight was delayed some wine freebies were given up for it and so the trip proceeded well.

Once in Vancouver he was very happy that he had made it there he was amazed by the massive Indian sculptures there from the Tribes today called the First Nations (including the one that is on the Canadian twenty dollar bill as he would find out later thought this one done by a single artist)

"First Nations" Airport Sculpture

This blogger then made his way furhter throught he airport while stopping to take photos of  the arriving olympic airways and worked   to change his flight to stay longer and then began to find out how to navigate his way down to the Olympics themselves in other words Canada Hockey Place.  So he took the train and switched at the appropriate station and then came out by the entrance to the arena and there he had two hot dogs acquired with the loonies and the toonies which had ben tips for him as a double decker tour guide over the years as well as some given to him by tour guide Traci and tour guide Steve.

Soon somebody said that if I wanted tickets that someone was selling them right over there.  And the price was great sixty dollars for what turned out to have been a $200 dollar face value seat in a luxury box for Sweden versus Germany in the opening round robin.  The luxury box was lovely and even came with pitchers of ice water with lime refilled and refreshing   The game was mostly lackluster and a 2-0 win for the swedes but the colorful crowd of Scandinavians and supporters dressed in blue and yellow was a delight.

At Canada Hockey Place Swedes Face off against the Germans

After This I needed to find the bus station which was right nearby a walk away though I took the Train one stopped and past the provincial pavilions glowing in the dark there I went and bought a bus ticket to Edmonton and a Train Ticket return through The Canadian Rockies on Via Rail.

Meanwhile I had seen brightly lit structures including one which said Sochi world which upon walking back turned out to be the Russian pavilion highlighting the next city to host the winter games Sochi, Russia.

Sochi World Looking FoRward to the next Winter Games

So now I walked back to them bus and rail tickets in hand (or pocket) and found the Russian Pavillion (Sochi World) closed but many Russians in the abound. So now I walked across and went to a bunch of pavilions with time on my hands about four hours including the crowded Quebec building

The Quebec Pavilion

which included an electric house concert

Quebec House Party

and some acrobatic act (beers were about ten dollars and I abstained) next I made it into the Saskatchewan Pavillion but when it cam to posing with a Mountie this blogger balked.  I saw the Canadian hockey Pavillion it was a hundred some odd dollars to eat and drink all day there and this was not what I came to do get fat at a sporting event and also did not put this on my calendar.  meanwhile the line to enter the Ontario pavilion was to long and so I headed for Chinatown.

This was lovely and the thought of the Canadian Western frontier mixed with Chinese design tickled my designs on the exotic inside my mind.  The streetlights with the maple leaves on the red Chinese shade for prosperity especially did it for this blogger.  After passing on a first dining choice I found an astoundingly colorful place

Vancouver Chinatown

where I had some seafood soup and who knows I cannot remember but it was good.  Here this traveler watched more of the early olympics and then headed off for the bus.  The wait for the bus in the mixed train and bus terminal seemed like forever but I was there way before the hour recommended that one should be.  I had taken minimal bags so I was minimal maintenance and passed the time having Coke refills at McDonald’s.

Once on the bus I headed straight back for the twenty four hour ride.  I was in the three seater by the bathroom next to a Mexican man with a seat in between.  I also talked to the man in front of me who also turned out to be Mexican as well so I introduced the two Mexicans who bonded so the first left the adjacent seat to me and joined the other so then I could sleep.

Sleep I did and woke for good early the next morning still in British Columbia but not yet in the high Rockies, though here they came.  These were the most amazing peaks I had seen since the ranges is like the Remarkables on the South Island of New Zealand.  We went through them for most of the day before traveling along the Albertan prairie at night.  At the stopover to change buses  in Calgary there was quite a show as some ridiculous type street-walker kept walking and taking the attention away from the butch security guard set up to check people before getting on the bus.  Then when on the bus to Edmonton for an early morning arrival there was a mildly drunk chatty Indian Canadian chic who had met some guy from the oil services center and she wouldn’t shut up or stop moving around.  When I arrived in Edmonton this blogger went right across the street and checked into the nearest  hotel (across the street), which turned out to be a dive.  The next morning after spending the breakfast voucher plus at A&W back at the bus terminal on multiple hash browns and orange juices I took my stuff and made for the West Edmonton Mall hopefully to stay at the West Edmonton Mall Inn where I had stayed once before in 2003 in hopes of getting a whole big shopping mall novel done.  I got directions left the dive and made it over there to scope out my surroundings and make plans to play horsey later.

I went to the apple store therein and checked email and flight plans had spring rolls at the Vietnamese restaurant on the theme eatery mall road Bourbon street which had moved across the hall from my last visit earlier in the decade and then walked outside and across a main access road to the West Mall inn to find that there rooms were about $200 a night. So I called and called to the Comfort Inn downtown and made a reservation there. Next I returned to the mall to check out the large water slide park.  Then at some point I returned to the apple store and read on wikipedia that Emillio lavazza the head of Lavazza coffee had die and then went to a middle of the mall hallway expresso cafe and had a dopio in his honor (trying to remember all the Italian art fairs and Venetian visits where finishing an Italian  shopping mall poem was to supposed to be to be all about my business).

Meanwhile once  I got tot the hotel in downtown Edmonton this tired traveler began to settle in for the next couple of nights doing yoga by the pool watching the winter olympics on the television, and going to the sauna.  His room looked right out on the great atrium which seemed just out of biosphere with the pool several floors down but tiers of rooms looking out on the space rising. There was a Chinese restaraunt in the lobby named Bird’s Nest of Beijing which I could tell right off the bat just was going to be excellent.  When eventuallyl I returned for lunch on my last day in town this bloogger remembers having the sauteed bok choi and  a spicy Mongolian lamb dish (though the memory of the meal is now  hazy but at the time all of the wonderful food was well explained by the affable and and informative owner maitre d what have you who made the establishment such an unepectedly  charming place).

While in town I took the time to go over to the brand new home of the Art Gallery of Alberta, a geometric freast done by a one time acolyte of Frank Gherys but now creative force of his own, Randall Stout.

The New Art Gallery of Alberta Building by Randall Stout

Here there were exhibits of Goyas , etchings, works by Degas, and a survey of the work of the Candain portrait photographer Yousef Karsh.

Also playing in Edmonton was the dramady I Google myself (which I frequently do) but time had run out for me here. I went over to the chateau like Fairmont hotel at some point for the last time this traveler was in Edmonton he had been given an icy once over there.

The Fairmont, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

The next morning it was time to go on VIA rail back through the rockies after a trip on the prarie through to Vancouver.  The train was late inleaving and this writer thought this would reduce the time we had in the national park in Jaspar (but this fear later turned out to be unfounded).  The wait in the depot listening to a coupole carry on about having had their home robbed as they went on and on about all the places they went or were going to.

Meanwhile once on the train Isnared the fared four across seats let my stuff there and as the train was underway made my way for the dining car (while scoping out the bubble domed observation car as well).  Once ther I was seated there for breakfast with a young woman just back form a stint in South Africa who had done a degree in journalism before traveling abroad.  This done I settled in the watch the long haul through the Albertan prarie to the foothills of the rockies and our late day stop for about an hour in Jaspar ( a town which lies inside a national park)-One thing I did to sharpen my skill as we trekked along was to notate all the differnet things we saw as differntiated nouns so as to build up the use of the words to describe things later (and partially erase the  going around and around on the bus which I partially counteract by even citing that experience here).

On the way in once we hit the Rockies Mount Robson, the highest peak in the range

Mount Robson fromthe Observation Train Car on Via Rail

was pointed out and observed by most including moi.  Further along once the national park was entered a large group of big horn sheep was cited and announced and fast enough this blogger snapped a photo of the herd.


Big Horned Sheep on the Rocks

So once in Jaspar the town within the park thought told elk would graze by the train depot there were none there upon this day.  I was feeling like a traveler filling up time on the open road and seeing a bread store this blogger went wild and  got two , including the Hawaiin pineapple bread and then there was no need for the overpriced gourmet diner with assigned seating for singles in the dining car.

Meanwhile as time went on this tourist became obsessed even more than he had been with sighting a moose.  This person asked many about other moose sightings and sat and sought out the site of a moose or moose site.  Finally a man who had been studying a detailed map of the area as we coursed along back country rivers said there was a moose see him and I looked and then he said across the river and then he was gone and he inferred that he had heard the train and got up or perhaps now after long reflection and making the joke over and over on my Nyc tours that this is museum mile named that for the abundance of cultural institutions which like to display things otherwise known as museums including the mooseum the moose see him and that comes from this now perhaps there was really a moose and perhaps he was leading me on and laughing to his wife somewhere else- but then later they called everybody over to the freight car where a wildcat caretaker had to lion cubs about seven weeks old in the fold being transported back to his compound and which we were allowed to hold and this beat a moose with a two of cubs.

Lion Cub on Vancouver Bound Via Rail Train

So after this I though the day had been complete and lay across the four seats across and slept.  Upon waking the moutians were sparse and soon we were back in Vancouver and this traveler had the day to spare.   Being that the train station was(is) in the same building as the bus station this blogger decided to go to Whistler which was easily accessed from there and arranged to then metro it to the airport to sleep there in advance of his flight to San Francisco the next day.

So ticket in hand this voyage went back to the provincial pavilion park with the intent of arriving with an hour a spare to go by bus along the famous sea to sky highway to the olympic alpine village of Whistler.

On the bus he met a local biologist who specialized in fish and past Squamish and the beautiful vistas along the road now well traveled. Upon arriving in Whistler he checked out when the medal ceremonies would be investigated the village got in on the media computers and attended to drinking at the Slovenia hospitality suite at the Whistler Westin.

meanwhile much of the enjoyment this writer had inteneded to partak of was to be the high flying dynamics of the luge.  Unfortunately the practice run for the mens single was a scen to tragedy plus this itinerant typer could not leave in tiem to make it there.  Though when in Whistler he was able to sign the condolence book for the Young Georgian slider

Nodar Kumaritashvilli Memorial and Condolence Book

Nodar Kumaritashvilli Condolence Book

Still walking around this blogger passed the injured U.S skier T. J Knight hosting a tv spot and eventually made it to the media center at the Whistler Westin and then went onto to crash the Slovenian Hospitality suite where he  had more than one hearty Eastern European Brew and very nice chicken dinner.  Later he waited on line to get into the medal ceremony , took some picture of mounties


, danced sang” tonights gonna be a good a night” with Norwegian revelers


and saw among other the German two man bobsled team

Crowned German and Russian Bobsled Duos

and the Austrian ski jump team receive their medals

Austrian Ski Jumpers Wolfgang Loitzl, Thomas Morgenstern, Gregor Schlierenzauer and Andreas Kofler, receiving their olympic gold medals

.  Nervous about making it back to the last bus to go back to Vanocuver from Whistler to make it to the airport to fly to San Francisco the next morn he left early during the time that the Austrian team took off their snow hats to show off their locks blonde and otherwise to go aslong with their gold medals which look liked warped compact discs and missed the concert by Devo, but, able to convince those on line with him to allow him to hold his space to run up to briefly catch the group on one of the many large video screens.

So the bus ride back was swift having been almost the very first passenger to board and soon i was back at the bus station .  Next I simply walked across to the street to the rapid transit station and mad it back to the airport as the train filled with hordes of Olympic hockey fans coming out of the stadium.  Once at he airport I made a survey of the  Tribal sculptures in the terminal and then mad it over to a Starbucks couch where I slept.

The next morning after ana rdous trip through customs this travler boarded the flight and this time coming into the bay area saw the Golden Gate Bridge and what he thought to be Alcatraz. California here he came, California here he was.

Back in Nyc Again Before Going to Florida again- Art Basel Miami Beach 2009- And then back in Nyc Again and the Decade Ends

December 19, 2009

Back in Nyc nights were filled by raucous celebrations and howling at Yankee victories as jubilant crowds hailed the coming back of a world championship to post  911 Gotham.

When the pinstripes won our bus company gray line did the double decker buses for the Canyon of Heroes parade, but, I was not an extra it was my day off and then not feeling that well I missed it entirely (besides seeing photos of it on yahoo and Facebook).  I resolved to go the new Yankee stadium at the next crack of the bat in spring and once upon a time on the night that Reggie Jackson hit three home runs in one game I was there with my now deceased father standing at one point right next to John Tesh when he was a local news reporter interviewing fans in the bleachers (I mentioned this game during the eulogy I’d never thought I’d give at my father’s funeral in Boynton Beach attended by myself my friend Deborah and two women I had never met before who were mostly quite lovely).

Though at the parade streams were teeming out of the church clock or so it would seem in a pop up book about a great team but “enchanted “was for another day and the next Broadway show I saw was David Mamet’s newest  drama “Race”.

Early one morn the gray line tour guide Marion Brash( who had achieved earlier notoriety as an actress  ( and she can be seen on a full episode of Ironside with Raymond Burr here @ had told me her opinion of the production and then later walking by the theater on West 47th street I saw some of the cast(James Spader and David Alan Grier)

James Spader at the Stage Door Greeted by an Adoring Fan

Later Spader’s Role was Taken Over by Eddie Izzard

come out of the  stage door after the matinée and so I bought a ticket for the same day’s evening performance.

I was a bit tired and thought the work a bit tired as if everything Mamet has to say about everything is to be held in such high esteem.  Didn’t Phillip Roth already  cover some of this ground in”the Human Stain”?  Brash had not lied the work of Kerry Washington in the role of the young lawyer who misleads the two main partners (Grier and Spader) because she is sure of the client  they are to defend’s guilt was demure. I chalked this up to her naiveté not her ineffectiveness in that the character was being played not the actress playing the audience or not being able to play the part.  However, in agreement with Brash, Richard Thomas, was just awful his performance had none of the airs of the billionaire accused of the crime.  The sequence of puns on the sequins of the dress which were much of the evidence in the rape allegations was Mamet’s best artistic flourish here though the repartee between Spader and Grier was quite well done and throwing in Washington it might have been a good play had the subject not been so tired.

I came way with a big feeling of who cares probably the lawyers who stood around after saying they were lawyers and how accurate or not it all was.  Maybe this is a problem that these functionaries need be THE definers of reality and have to have existence catered around there experience of it and of us.

Sooner or sooner I was back down to Florida to take in Miami Art Basel while my art press pass is still good. I was not especially planning to go but having skipped both the Venice Biennale and Miami Basel last year it was time to take another crack at the art high life.  I got a ticket on priceline after many tries at my time parameters and finally succeeded in finding flights, a car , and a room and so I was off.

I had to leave early and finally discovered the m60 bus which I decided to get in Morningside Heights by Columbia university.  So with the A train running local that time of night  got off at 116th only to find that the train let  out below Morningside Park then steps  of which I had to climb up in the cold and the dark.

I got to the bus stop along Broadway and after a short wait the bus arrived. The bus  quickly filled up with airport workers and some travelers (which included a group of young men projecting into the partying they would soon be engaging in).

I got to the airport after careful planning good and early and with the help of a very thoughtful Delta check in person found two exit row seats which surprise were obtained at no extra charge.  Physched by my early victory and with time to kill I enjoyed an oatmeal with all the toppings at a LaGuardia airport Starbucks.

I was connecting in Memphis and was soon there.  Then once there I flirted with the thought of having a southern down home meal at one of the airport joints and while looking at the pig freestanding statue in  a cooks hat standing sentry there.

BBQ Pig Chef at the Memphis Airport

and I passed.  There was an Elvis store in the terminal and soon I was aloft again.   There was couple next to me on this flight that were not properly upgraded as per their frequent flier status and they complained and thought the stewardess was not able to help them there she realized the attendant at the gate had been wrong and they were presented with a bottle of wine.

When I landed having brought only a carry-on this writer headed straight for the pre-arranged car rental.  The parking space for the alamo was blocked by a woman who refused to move her vehicle from where she did not belong and thus it took this blogger a little while longer to get the shuttle which he missed once,

Once aboard he met some New England Patriot fans down to watch their squad play Jimmy Buffet’s Dolphins and so arrived at the car rental where the check in agent couldn’t have been more blase as to only wanting to check in senoritas.

This driver got a full size car and when presented with the choice with the key stuck in a slot read by computer and not ignition which a push button start he opted to go ahead whereas the football fans switched four doors (I should have known better).

He found his way very easily to Miami Beach right onto the cruise ship causeway on a sunny day and only at the last-minute did he hit traffic.  The main public parking lot which last time he couldn’t find on Lincoln Road in Miami Beach (and he thought was knocked down) was full and so he paid the fifteen dollar flat rate.

So he was at Miami art Basel armed with a press pass an I phone and a rental car.  He headed right for the press check in, checked in, said hello  to the woman who always does the checking in

Check in time

, ran into Anthony Haden Guest

Anthony Haden-Guest Hard at Work at Art Basel Miami Beach

,stated to type, became witty,  drank too much coffee, and went down to the fair to begin scoping it out.

One of the first works that really caught this writer’s eye was Dennis Hopper’s embellished photographic portrait of Jaspar Johns

Jaspar Johns by Dennis Hopper

at the Tony Shafrazi booth .  The gallery person on the floor was going on about how many years they had represented Dennis and how good of friends he and Tony are (Hopper had done an event at Miami Basel a couple of years back which I had seen a beaming Teresa Valla racing towards) but beyond the chatter the work is most beautiful.

Running into the salon I decided to make that my focus rather than constant partying as I was driving alone (so excursion to the far off fairs in other sections of Miami would be off-limits to this fair goer perhaps not fair going fair goer but still going).

First at the educational room i caught Collier Schorr the artist known for sexualized portraits of youthful wrestlers talking about her new flower series.  She said something interesting about working in Germany to paraphrase that she liked working there because it was easy to take over because nobody really says anything.. which I thought hey we could say that about the bus company where I work but that turned out not to be true as I found it is possible to repel a political brute.

Time did what Miami time does I looked and looked at art and cannot really remember whether every piece was seen on day one or day two.  There was a bevy a works done on the theme of a departed Michael Jackson who has now been iconized ala Elizabeth Taylor by Andy Warhol and the gloved one now by the likes of David LaChappelle and Kehinde Wiley.  LaChappelle’s piece had Jackson as his namesake the archangel Michael slaying the Devil

The Archangel Michael by David LaChappelle

–while Kehinde Wiley’s piece at Jeffrey Deitch (which sold for around $180,000) has an armored Jackson after an equestrian portrait by Peter Paul Reubens Michael jackson by Kehinde Wiley (After Peter Paul Reubens)

Meanwhile as the day wound down I managed to find out where a party was at the penthouse at the Raleigh hotel, but, I got there too early and got tired of the scene nonsense and went to dinner at Tiramisu my favorite lincoln Road Italian food hot spot.  Well man for all seasonings I had Lobster Soup and swordfish salad washed down by a good Chianti waited a while and went back to my car.  Then like an idiot I decided to go back to the Raleigh turned around went to my car again which I had pulled out into the street and parked.  I did all i could do it wouldn’t start it kept saying brake (which I thought meant the emergency one) and the dashboard light s went on like a pinball machine and this driver gave up.

His phone was dead so he walked over to the Lincoln Road Starbucks to give it a charge. Then once charged (…and hopefully not) he called the car rental company and told them what had happened.  They left him on hold and what came on the call waiting Pinball Wizard by the Who and his mind went into a synasthaesic rock musical flourescent mode and the bumpers and the light all aglow in a neon pastel discharge.   He then as he waited by the car watched Elton John on the Red Piano in Vegas play Pinball Wizard with all the lights a flashing ring those buzzers and bells. eventually the roadside assistance came and he was given a new Lexus or Infiniti or whatever it was and made for the Ramada Marco Polo Beach Resort in North Miami Beach to call it a night.

After much ado about extra facility charges and getting my car parked I indeed called it a night.  In the morning I had breakfast in the cavernous room close to the beach and then returned upstairs to ready myself for the beach.  I took a nice dip into the ocean and did not realize until a lady asked me if I had been bitten by a jellyfish that there had been warning flags flown at the lifeguard station as indicated at the resorts pool exit to the beach.

I had been then after checked out and headed back to the convention center but after stopping at the bank and seeing lots of charges this fair goer headed back to the resort to question them.. The hundred dollar extra charge was pending and then released upon checkout and so then this car driver headed back fair bound again.  This writer wanted to stay to see the Ryan McGinley talk at the salon but time would only allow for James Rosenquist’s.  This time the municipal lot had space and this lecture going car replacement driving driver landed.

With a little time for looking around and visiting the press room the hour of the pop stars talk was at the hand.  In all these years I had never met are seen the North Dakotan native though this onetime frequent reviewer often mentioned him when writing on David Salle, Damien Loeb, or Jeff Koons and had attended his retrospective at the Fifth avenue Guggenheim flagship earlier in the soon to close decade.  This blogger got there earlier and took a bevy of I-phone photos of the amusing septuagenarian who told funny stories of being a billboard painter in his early pre Castelli gallery years

James Rosenquist at art Basel Miami Beach 2009


On this jaunt this traveler was also able to take a couple of photos of Frank Gehrys campus for the New World Symphony currently under construction just off Lincoln Road

Frank Gehrys Campus for the New World Symphony Going up!

So now it was off to the airport for a myriad of gate changes and delays but not without a sartorial moment when this delayed customer was able to say to a Port-of-Spain bound woman his bad one liner “its Sizzling down in Trinidad and Tabasco”.

But the flight had a mighty surprise when the pilot announced that we would probably be able to see a spectacular sight on the right side coming out of Titusville.  And indeed about a half an hour later he said that launch of the space shuttle I told you about is visible now.  And though I was seated in the aisle seat there was nobody between the well dressed Frenchman at the window and I and looking over there it was a bright orange flame rising against black the form of the shuttle clearly visible.  Need I say anymore so until next time.