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Fast as They Come- Richard Prince at Salon 94

April 5, 2011

Fast they come as they cam, fast as they come,  as they continue to arrive, this part of the blog stream will move quicker than the those pervious before arriving here this virtual roll of volumes was way behind.  So we are past American Idiom and OVO and arrived on the Bowery to see t-shirt paintings by Richard Prince (of the Louis Vuiton sexy nurses with something to say bags) who was in the pictures Generation exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of art with our old friend Michael Zwack at the new Salon 94 space. smart as they were they found a space behind an orange Prince restaurant equipment sign

Richard Prince at Prince but not on Prince on the Bowery

to open these works on shirts on a sunny day with some alcohol served.

It was a raw space with some  gaping holes in the walls

Downtown Personality al Ghazali in Salon 94's new raw space

which were as if  punched out  by previously angry construction crews , but , there was beautiful shiny vintage MG parked outside.  Max Blagg arrived!Max Blagg arrives So did Jack Tilton!Jack Tilton arrives with the classic red MG in the backroundAs for the painting themselves they were of rock stars and album cover art on t-shirts.  Here is a Jimi Hendrix, judge for yourself.

Jimi Hendrix T-Shirt by Richard Prince

And one final look at beautiful red MG parked outside