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So Back to Zwack

June 11, 2009
Artists Michael McClard, Marcia Resnick, Anton Perich, and Michael Zwack at Bobby Grossman opening

Artists Michael McClard, Marcia Resnick, Anton Perich, and Michael Zwack at Bobby Grossman opening

So Zwack is back so back to Zwack.  Completing my voyage southward rather than to the middle east during mid life left this blogger and bus rider to return to the Metropolitan Museum of Art to investigate the work in the “The Pictures Generation” more closely than during the opening. There I met fellow tour guide Zwack but spent much of the time listening to the audio guide organized by curator Douglas Eklund.  Though familiar with some of the artists there were many of them with whom I was not.

It is a dense exhibit if not only object wise but reason it is  the way it is  wise. It was definitely elucidating in seeing the way Mr. Salle evolved coming out of Cal Arts and what was his and what can be seen as having merged by him  in and with James Rosenquist.   The umbrella shading these artists from the sun can only be extended so wide as to make room to include everybody in  a moment or movement   This exhibiton’s premise that it was other images which than being so pervasive led artists or imagists to make images based on images or otherwise pop will eat itself.

The thing which I like about Michaels’ work was that it was not striving for any cliche sure it could be an album cover for the anthology of anthems of rock is dead or long live the death of everything but it is earnest.  The sculpture of his included here of toy solidiers encased in small blocks of cement predates Arman’s mummification of Cars in Beirut , Lebanon by several years .

Becasue of this exhibit though I know more about Cindy Sherman, Robert Longo, Jack Goldstein, and others.  However, I must say that the Louise Lawler, Sheree Levine , and  sometimes Richard Prince school of the joke is on you art amuses this person seldom anymore -it is  tired, it is not nice it is self aggrandizing and in the end while it may make for nice design it is boring.

“The Pictures Generation” at The Metropolitan Museum of Art (Part One the Opening)

April 29, 2009

Coming into the opening for “The “Pictures Generation” at the Metropolitan Museum of Art soon afterwards in walked a  man in shorts holding a paper bag .  Then when a special NYC police patrolman asked to look inside of the package it had a cannister for carrying gasoline (the kind you use in situations such as to bring petrol back to  the automobile from the gas station after you have run out of gas nearby-I know as if that ever happens).

The container which is for toting about a gallon seemingly had no liquid inside but still it is highly inappropriate to bring in an item which can be used for pouring gas into an art institution( and possibly putting people and or artworks at risk).  This man then tried to talk himself in saying somebody who worked at the museum needed it and asked him to bring it.  Finally, the gentleman agreed to go outside and discard the item and later was in  partying.  At the reception which was held in the great hall of the museum (while the art was on the second floor in the photography department’s galleries) they were playing David Bowie’s “Fame” … and I thought maybe they should be playing the great  chameleon’s “Putting out the Fire with Gasoline”.

The occasion for the opening was for “The Pictures Generation” an exhibition which takes its title from  a play on words {like David Reed’s “Moving Pictures”}  though in different context}  The content therein of the double meaning therein was a group of artists ostensibly starting with John Baldessari and a group of students which he tought at Cal Arts in the late nineteen seventies and others who like the aforementioned moved to Nyc form places like Buffalo  and produced pictures influenced by all kinds of media which produced other pictures first and foremost being the television.

This large exhibition curated by Douglas Eklund focused in on a loose knit group he thus termed the “Pictures Generation” which gathered stregnth and  produced hype and steam Downtown (in Manhattan the capitol of the Big Apple).

My co-worker ( from atop the red double decker bus ) Michael Zwack was a seminal figure in this group and was duly included here.

This set the stage for this evening (April 20th) opening where I was joined by architect Johannes Knoops mc’s Rick McGregor ( a great producer of among others things excellent youtube videos)  and briefly Tom Orso. The opening was a scene   David Salle, Mary Boone, Charles Cowles, Ron Warren, Benard Tschumi, Eric Mitchell, Michael McClard, Jerry Salz and Roberta Smith (seperately), Ned Sublette, Peter Schjeldal, Eric Bogosian, and Robert Longo were just a few of the names who abounded in the surround.

Then it was off to the after party with Michael and his wife at the Meatmarket spot 9C  with its great  wooden floors and hor s’oerves mostly of egg salad with salmon on top on crostini making the rounds.  The champagne flowed and both pictures generation artist  Robert Longo and curator Eklund were in attendance.  Next it was off to the home of artist Charles Clough a Buffalo compatriot of Zwack’s for some more champagne and then home on the A train.

A couple of days later it was off to the Omega  center in Rhinebeck, new york  for a oneness blessing weekend with Uttamaji/ Matthew and much of the Portchester healing circle led by Gabriella attended and then down to Fort Lauderdale to fly to the Bahamas so there was not  much time for seeing the exhibit again between working and making it down to the sunshine state to make it over the Atlantic to land in Nassau -but when I get back the show will be reviewed here.  So  stay tuned, then search it,  click it , and get down.

(Rick McGregor’s video of the event on Circtv)

ACDC, Tarry Lodge Redone Batalized, and Cindy Sherman @ Metro Pictures

November 15, 2008

There have been three highlights since the last post first seeing ACDC live at Madison Square Garden , second going to Mario Batali and Joe Bastiniach’s new Tarry Lodge in Portchester, New York, and third briefly attending Cindy Sherman’s first opening sine 2004 with the painter and tour guide Michael Zwack.

ACDC was amazing!  Tour Guide Ron Whitacker told me that they were playing on my days off and I planned parking my car taking the subway down and got a ticket while waiting on the standby line when someone offering a single plus the service charge sold it to me.  They opened with “Rock and Roll Train” which I thought was Runaway train and blasted on through to “Highway to Hell” with all the illuminated red devil’s horns flashing while Angus (Young made the devils horns signs afterwards).  The band was on and the cannon salute ‘For Those about to Rock” was astounding).  That night I got my ya-yas out.

A couple of nights affterwards I joined my mother and another tour guide for dinner at the Tarry Lodge (which is a redone version of the old Tarry Lodge {in Portchester , New York just before the crossing over the Byram River which brings one into Greenwhich, Conneticut} the buillding for which was there for over a hundred years and in the last incarnation was a family pizza joint which offered a full menu).  It had gone high scale offering pizza but a full tratorria’s selection .   The walls were glowing dark lemon yellow and I had raw tuna salad, octopus with baby potatos,  squid ink pasta with lobster, one glass of red wine, and grapefruit sorbet with panacotta for dessert.  My mother is just like the one in the movie with Ben Stiller by the  Farrelly Brothers”Along Came Polly” where the mother must try to humiliate the son she never fails to find some way to show that she is the dominant force in the world and that she has the power to destroy at will and she will (the only way to defeat her is to use her own treachery against her by having as little feeling as she feigns to possess).

Next having thought I had missed the Cindy Sherman opening at Metro Pictures the night of Dinner with Momzo this itinerant blogger phoned the famous Metro Pictures (a great name like David Reed’s Moving Pictures Yes! Non?) and found it was that night.  I got back from a Brooklyn tour (which becomes a Times Square Express like a caterpillar becomes a butterfly) and getting back saw Cindy Sherman/Robert Longo Buffalo compatriot painter and tour guide Michael Zwack(he is in an exhibition upcoming at the Metropolitan) and said it was now( lets cab it over there). He agreed to go and once there we ran into artnet editor Walter Robinson and looked at the work of an older Ms. Sheman posed for what seemed to be portraits of aristocratic women in elegant abounds perhaps one being Isabella Stweart Gardener the other perhaps a countess or the Queen of Hearts from Lewis Carroll’s “Alice in Wonderland”.  Perhaps one scene was at the Cloisters? Perhaps the lapdog in another was real? Perhaps it was not?  Then we walked away as other friends of Zwack showed as well as John Waters in an iridescent Blue sports Jacket with black trim and a much younger man   ( though not quite a boy) at his side.  Then walking around to put his coat behind the gallery desk was the current Cindy Sheman boyfreind David Byrne of the Talking Heads with spiked white hair and a long black coat.  Mr. Zwack introduced me to Cindy and I was quite pleased at meeting the pretty woman with the nice blonde hair. Earlier we had run into Joe Franklin as we walked out of the front door of the bus terminal. We cabbed it back to Times Square and I made it back to hold sway on the eight fifteen night tour.

ps.  When i came to the part of the tour where I do the spoken word version of “It ain’t no party it ain’t no disco it ain’t no fooling around its’ not the Mudd Club” and then I say changing the lyrics “its’ C.B.G.B’s”… “I aint got time for that now” I mentioned of course I had just run into those words’ first ennuciator.   Of course now C.B.G.B’s is a John Vavartos store which you can go into and perhaps peruse some of the original posters and memrobilia which they keep alive within for effect.