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2222- The Price of the Tim Tebow Sandwich and how a Jackpot Slipped through my Hands like a Dropped Pass

September 12, 2012

Well a while back as Tim Tebow
came on the scene in the Metropolitan area as the supposed back up to the less then peak performing Mark Sanchez, and in honor of his arrival from Denver the Carnegie Deli paid tribute to him in the form of the first non-kosher sandwich in the Deli’s some odd 75 year history.

  I thought to describe this as an edible of note to the hordes of double-decker customers some of whom were surely enamored of the very publicly spiritual quarterback formerly of Denver, some who were just fans of food and some who would find humour in the story.

I described it to no end: the ingredients or the layers i.e, 3.5 pounds of corned beef, pastrami, roast beef, american cheese, lettuce, and tomato on white bread.  And then the price of $22.22.

I described it so much lust overcame me and finished one night late this blogger raced over to mangia in the famous eatery for the first time ever.   He ordered the sandwich with Dr. Brown’s black cherry soda and the customary free pickles and cole slaw (some of which you see in the pic above).   The towering culinary monstrosity turned out to be no competition for him and he downed to applause from an adjoining able upon its total consumption.

Later in Brooklyn (and still to this very day) this second story mc said in following up with Big e. Smalls from Jay Z. ”
Biggie Biggie Biggie  can’t you see
Sometimes your words just hypnotize me”  …. I would and still do say I hypnotized myself into eating the Tim Tebow sandwich, of course describe the ingredients, and then name the price and then state that I had begun to play 2222 in the pick 4 in the lottery.

Sporadically I did play the aforementioned same digit, getting more and more into the sequence and the past experience , though sometimes it turns out the number sells out because the repeated number doesn’t need to be boxed (what a deal).

I had played the combo recently stopping at a traffic island gas station plaza rest stop convenience store lotto point of purchase.  It was sold out for two drawings running and I had to prod the sales clerk who spoke very little English to sell the first slot it was available for to me.

I did not win and the number repeated did not come up right away after.  So by now you probably guessed I am playing on a regular basis especially when coincidence and presence of mind strike,, The next time it really struck hard was after finishing with a group of geriatrics from the South East of the United States on Restaurant Row (west 46th street between eighth and ninth avenues in Manhattan) their tour leader said the triple digits 445 in describing the address of their hotel in Secaucus, New Jersey simultaneous to my saying the same three digits which are the first three numbers of the exchange of the number to call the tour guide supervisors and it hit me as I was picking up my car to play this and another number (lately they had been coming one off the mark in the next day’s first drawing and there are two) at the same gas station in the middle of the parkway on the way to the gym.

Absence of presence of mind had me not buy or even check the 2222 sequence of which I had become such a devotee as I explained why I had chosen these numbers at the point of purchase.  Wouldn’t you know it the next day 2222 came in to the tune of $5000.

[post script it is possible that the numbers would have been sold out by the time I would have purchased them as a block though there is no way to find that exactly out they were sold out by the time the drawing was held: do I thus have the power to dismiss the process of endlessly torturing myself?}


(Lottery Salvation or Eternity?)