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BMW Party at Grand Central

March 28, 2009

This blogger attended the Vanity Fair Party for the world tour of BMW the art cars of in Vanderbilt Hall at Grand Central terminal .  First while waiting for the party to begin I had a small dinner at Juniors intimate space in the eatery section downstairs (consisting of my usual choice of Turkey on Rye with a side of Russian Dressing to be liberally applied (dumped) on/to the sandwhich, French Fries, Pickles and coleslaw (still free), Matzoh Ball Soup, and a  Browns black cherry Soda).  I sat next to a couple of die-hard New York Ranger fans on their way to Madison Square Garden for a hockey game.

The party was by invitation from BMW art impressario Thomas Wolfgang Girst to our mutual freind Neil Stevenson and turned out to be hosted by Vanity Fair editor Bob Colacello  (no stranger to the high end New York art scene). The cars were the classics designed decades earlier by among others Robert Rauschenberg, Andy Warhol and Frank Stella (the last of whom was only one present at the fete to stand in front of his creation this night).

Did I recognize everybody at the party(?), no and had to go over the pictures on later (and he quickly posts them).  Though of course I did recognize Jeff Koons who I watched be cornered by an operative and asked to speak and she double teamed him as another lady showed (he had nowhere to go).  Several people within minutes came up to him and said ”I am a big fan of your work”, I wanted to say I was his friend on facebook (as facebook has become the all new pervasive reality  of the day) but good judgement got the better of me (and thoughI took photos did not speak with Stella either though I have been bitten by that bug before).

Warholian Chris Makos was there looking silly in a cream silk suit and Ingrid Sischy and Sandra Brant whom I did not recognize (and had to look at the McMullan photographs.  There was some caviar which I had developed a taste for while in the initial stages of almost be part of the launch of a company which was having tasting previews ( which were organized by a tour guide who I no longer refer to by his proper name).

koons collacello

(Bob Collacello and Jeff Koons)


(Patrick McMullan with Neil Stevenson in the foreground)


(Art Star in Front of an Art Car: Frank Stella and Christopher Makos catching up in front of Stella’s BMW)