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JFK Airport Nyc to Venice and Milan Night one and Day One Part One

September 9, 2008

So I went to Venice for a wedding last week and made a stop in Milan (Milano).   I boarded the plane at JFK and on the way over had a very uncomfortable seat in the bulkhead exit row by the window.  I fell asleep during my second ever viewing of “Kung Fu Panda” but saw the entirety of “School Rocks” (Scuola di Rocko -it was Jack Black day at the inflight movies}.

Actually the flight landed in Milan and this blogger  had to make it to the central train station there and then catch a train to Venice and then a vaporetto from piazza ferrovia  to  the Academia  and then to walk over to Rio Terra across from the famed art museum where he met the groom’s party and then we all walked over to the Scuola del Carmini where the wedding was to be held.

Outside of the scuola in the Piazza Magherita there was an open air flea market.   I spied an earthenware cameo inspired Italian pottery dish.  I wanted to buy it not knowing whether to purchase it for my mother or the bride.  I had about a hundred euros on my person and an ex Peter Gatien security official who also worked once worked for a government agency wanted to borrow some money for another item leaving this blogger with just enough to acquire the green and red dish.

The wedding itself was something and the bride wore a four thousand dollar Carolina Herrera strapless cream dress with mirrored glass sewn into the fabric right at the breast line.

Outside when it was time to throw the meal ingrediant this blogger made mention to toss it softly and to say this was Condoleeza rice (rice through with sweetness because that’s what the current secretary of state’s first name means in Italian with sweetness).  This was worth a brief laugh and the boquet was thrown and caught by an English woman and freind of the bride who was suposedly the next to get married as it was. This lady is a collector of poodlebilia (tangible items dealing with poodles) and sitting around a large out in a piazza the next night with the group having campari coktails this itinerant bloggger Informed them of “the cheese poodle” a large hybrid pooch created by the intercourse of a golden retriever and a giant toy poodle owned by the artist Greg Coates and the curator Kiki Niebaer in Allentown, pennsylvania. { and they made me explain it in detail as if I were I was talking about a package of dried orange unhealthy snacks in the shape of pompidoured dogs which leak powdery orange granules which stain..uh huh!

Artists Steve Meeks and Tyrome Tripoli had showed up and soon it was off to the wedding dinner at the Venetian hotspot Osteria Boccodoro.  Meanwhile I forgot to mention the brides brother had officiated at the wedding and wore a long sleeved black shirt from Pakistan which gave him an exotic flair.

Meanhile in Italy I continued to be wrting my “italian Hotel Shopping Mall Poem” which can be read in its’ current entirety right here…

The Italian Shopping Mall Poem


Part one: Hit the Ground Shopping


Hit the ground Shopping

In that entrance back to rememberance

Black scatter pattern stenciled in

All of the unseen movements of in and out through the heart of black

Legions marched trough petri dishes

Though the same motion of the same line the multitudes unseen and reformatted

All the time


Sure I should not have said to “shut up”

That was hurtful and if it was said to me as I said to you as it was said to me in my youth

It would boomerang and did


“On a holiday provided for by those in a family who are senior in both age and monetary wherewithal to those whom they have taken with the voyage where the paradox is as one allows for the enjoyment of the others one has provided for the provider may feel at the time that their earnings converted into the leisure time of others gained at their expense whilst the whole point of the journey to begin with was for all who took it to become relaxed”


Such words come as feelings are remembered

The bus trip is never taken to the

Discount outlets and malls

First told about in a dark bar never talked about

Sectored off from this reality

Return and shop

Dark love in a dissappearance

Not far from the Piazza Della Signoria

Dark love in a dark bar

Still the boyish ones show up

All devices up and at them

All systems go

Faces flash silver against black

Off like quick silver photographs

Dark lust in a dark bar

The dark cages all around I come again

And again and again and again


Return off of the same hop?







Part Two: the Hotel Shopping Mall Poem


The hotel shopping mall poem balloons

Once there was a balloon of a hotel named lunacy

With a Venetian scene over the establishment’s

Insignia crown- overhead


Over to the left

Is the mall once grid façaded

Of dark green olive under white

Though now by gating over-cast


On an overcast day replete

With horses; show jumping equestrians, bric-a-brac vendors

Boy and girl scouts, sun-glassed bus drivers, cyber simulcasters,

Local citizens, and baristas


Once there was a pink hotel’s shopping mall poem balloon


Traveling the via the buildings are scarred

Some distressed garbage and recycling bunkers have suffered catastrophic damage

And bands of overjoyed teenagers make noise on the bus


Now a search on modes of motor transport

And attendant sensation

Colors lead the field in optical navigation

Diamonds on markers, directionals, gates

Segues of hues like in peppers or pimento on pizza

Red- yellow –orange- red


This poem would go anywhere to break the grid and has


Then over to the left

A proud male swan

With a banding of night mask

Surging forth

Pushed forward under its own sail like a sea horse


The young man wore the Gucci belt with double G’s

To hold up his pants up against his lithe frame


Red magenta flurry

And an Andrea Mantegna seen in a hurry

Up the steps with haberdashery

And then one raspberry sorbet colored small house stands alone

In the midst of a parking lot

A sprawling tree blossoming pink and red morphs

And extends above a cherry tomato lawnmower

Behind which is the textural side of the raspberry structure sorbet

And below all around comes a yellow traffic perimeter

And behind that still a field of bright blue

A bright blue field


After all that we are back in the parking lot


Bright pink neon illuminates the hotel de balloonacy

Balloonacy d’hotel


Gardens with large trees- open- welcoming in the summer months

Are atop the hotel of a balloon

The three pointed crown

Is the insignia of the balloon for the hotel


Free form further down

An addition

A new arcade mortared over the space besides some stores

To present a pleasant angel for and during your passiegiata


All of the window displays speak to me now

Actors and actresses players step onto this stage

Red from a traffic light colors the leaves on a tree


On come the over the street lights

As passes a black clad band of youths with dogs

A young man previously on his cell phone paces within a small range while smoking


Satellite dishes and other signal receiving devices

Atop the balloon of a hotel- the hotel of a balloon

Amidst the gardens


A split level mini-mall in Sienna

A top level leading to a street above

And street-side lower to another street below


A supermarket duplex is among others stores within


Further into Sienna the Piazza Del Palio

Inspirations the race is for such mega-mall the novel attractions


Torre- The Trunk Show where an a animatronic elephant head whose trunk on a column

Sprays high pressure water jets

Lecondo- Unicorn on the Cob

And the porcupina colada

Where though a rotund man did needle the poet so often as to become il porcupino himself


I go walking away down the avenue

Out the from door of the motorbike store

Away from the train-station

And towards the hotel shopping mall poem

In a leather racing suit

Past distressed plastic garbage bunkers

Having sustained catastrophic damage

In An egg yolk explosion

And torn away burned to the nowhere combustion

In a leather motorbike racing-suit I go walking away yellow-black on fire

Next to green



Part Three;

Milano; Torino, and the Olympiad

“The Show Must Go Home”

A Spaghetti Best Western



The outlet mall

outlets in the mall

outlets on the wall in the mall

outlets in the hall

what is an outlet mall?

endless space allotted to light sockets?

a giant whole in the wall?


In-Café television

machines of indeterminate usage

in the light of back and forth intermittent illumination

otherwise know as slot machines





Here comes the downhill muggers


Look at the Russian family all decked out in red and white nationalist gear


Where are they from?

They are from Powerade

The Gatorade stand-in

always found in the nearest commercial beverage locker


Presidential- Press credentials

Press Credentials- Presidential

“The Show Must Go Home”


I am off of the chocolate train

trenino gratuito

and back on the street

got my pen and my notebook

got no one to meet

though the balloon was blown into farfalle

and I am off the chocolate train

trenino gratuito

only to run into farfalle

at a shogun’s palace Sheraton at the crossroads

soon again


Here it is again

like walking through another



in replicate

not totally;


and chandeliered-


so many players

on the chessboard


after all its’ just a furniture store

and not in Hong Kong


In the plaza/piazza

where street lights would be street lights

weren’t that they were in the inner courtyard

and that dream will resume

is never garunteed


High on frequent flier miles

alone in a Best Western hotel room

he watched the Olympiad on Italian television


Infernal McDonalds’
where it is not alright

to put up your elbows

and even in the slightest begin to doze

but it is alright to smoke


He watched the Olympics on television

alone high on frequent flier miles

in a Best Western hotel near the Duomo

with a breakfast buffet on the roof


Infernal McDonald’s

back at the infernal McDonald’s

a man in a black jacket with a golden gecko silk-screened onto

back in line from the point of purchase

remonstrating to his girlfriend

over and over

this man an Italian man

causes a security gaurd of African origins

in suit and a tie a golden stud earing in one ear and a shaved shiny brown scalp

to come over to him

this agent of fast food decorum enforcement says” tranquile” to him

as has the announcing official at the starting gate of Sienna’s infamous palio

to the pile-up of horses

{the guy lowers his voice and lessens his performance to several smaller outbursts

to the great embarassmento of his girlfreind who though never really revolts}


Now when it is his turn

to order the McDonalds employee at the register

in orange and white

is seamless and gets the previously loud mouth’s order right


Never one not to take one more turn

I sip water in a land of fire

at the corner alla scala

the flames are exploding

in the interior of an interior

off of the double decker

have I not seen such a scene of circumnavigation

‘inside the circle unsquared

or the triangle inside the circle unsquared

or is it a scene form a Italian restaurant

inside a scene from the italian shopping mall poem

He cannot decide


four corner turn burn

salon de octagon


“Persona non grata”

the film plays at the end

of the church cinema

two large flowers to the side

of the ticket takers booth

not enclosed by glass

petals of cherry vanilla

stalks in water- bulbs removed

trolleys course by

mopeds race round corners

from streets unseen


Downtown Niketown

Hannbal Lechter’s housewares

A Spaghetti Best Western


Drooping strands of poly resin poly chromatic sculpture

atop a converted mini-palazzo a spaghetti Best–Western of course




He watched the Olympics on television

alone high on frequent flier miles

in a best western hotel room near the duomo

with a breakfast buffet on the roof

after being directed to Florence by his son


the adrenaline of being with gods in expensive ski wear tighly packed in  and fans screaming nationalist cheers and slinging cowbells attached to their bodies by metal structures as if by train tracks

manual flush port-a-johns

the half pip a backup singer for Gladys Knight split down the middle

the half pipe a snowboarding event

manual flush port a-johns on the streets of Turin


watching the Olympics in a best western high on frequent flier miles

a frequent crier smiles

A Spaghetti Best Western

a best western topped by spaghetti

a Spaghetti test pattern


the long winds

of pasta

the circuitous routes through the alps

the tunnels like corkscrews noodles

sportscars flying through

and sliders on the luge down and around

the stay tuned to the stay tuned cease of operations

Technicolor color shield above psaghetti

in a would be Rosentwist

minus the hair dryer

the torque of the fork

the four prongs of torqued fork motion

forcing the torque from the fork

into winds of linguini

stabbing at tortellini

watching the Olympics in a best western high on frequent flier miles

a frequent crier smiles

A Spaghetti Best Western

a best western topped by spaghetti

a Spaghetti test pattern

a spaghetti test pattern

leather and sauce


I am walking back away from it

under sections of the sky constellation segments segmenting

stars and the lines between them

here on the avenues leading up and into the piazzas

heavenly bodies like streelight pearls

towards a palazzo style flat iron decked out with loggia

its paths crisscrossed by a trolley line

I am walking back and away from it back and away form it

here on the streets of Torino

and then again on the streets of New York


A Spaghetti Chest western

the Venus de Milo’s torso

rendered in Yves Klein blue

with a Dalian chest of drawers built in

brought out

and inside

plastic figurines playing out the title

financial surrealists take the train

cowboys on horseback shooting after

a toy train with baseball pitchers atop

financial surrealist in the passenger windows

financial surrealists took the train

and surmounting the colored beauties head an downturned mound of polyresinate


It’s a psghetti Chest Western

and everbody is invited inside


Spaghetti test pattern

in a spaghetti breast western
the chest drawers are open and everybody is invited in

lobsters and leather –leather and sauce

a new furry lobster

found in Indonesia

in the waters off Indonesia

a furry langosto


A spaghetti breast western

the chest drawers are open

the woman in purple she is in Yves Klein blue

she has golden hair a wig

and then black and white stripes ala Michael Keaton

in “Beetlejuice”


Metal toy partners saddle up to draw

at high noon in this best spaghetti western

painters who worship chroma

come out of their coma

packing pistols

in this videodroma

French kissters look on

the surrealist reality group is right nearby

like a sidearm

the charterhouse of parmesan

all the onlookers including this narrator

and hanging around

hanging out

and hanging on



the Last sufferer

the last supper

the last supperer

who should we cast as the painter

and as Christ and as pilot

and mary magdelene in the shadows

after we come down off our DaVinci cloud

should it be like pop painters like English or Kostabi

and the final meal should be placed

in the infernal McDonald’s

in Milano’s galleria

what is on the table spread fury langosto

and the venus demilo with spaghetti hair

on the lobster phone


inner perimeter café casa Armani

trussardi alla scala

while the orange city streetcar winds it way clockwise a few blocks away

the blue shirted waitstaff

serve juicy red cocktails and plates of hor d’oeurves

as a video shower of fire fades into blue water

and the next drink you should order is turquoise


Trussardi alla scala

inner perimeter casa Armani cafe


the Last sufferer

the last supper

the last supperer

who should we cast as the painter

and as Christ and as pilot

and mary magdelene in the shadows

after we come down off our DaVinci cloud

should it be like pop painters like English or Kostabi

and the final meal should be placed

in the infernal McDonald’s

in Milano’s galleria

what is on the table spread fury langosto

and the venus demilo with spaghetti hair

on the lobster phone


inner perimeter casa Armani cafe

Trussardi alla scala


In a distinct neighborhood of Milan

a few blocks from the main train station

a small church

a Japanese restaurant which serves sushi platters on boats

black in the night

a movie theater

with an exterior of blue

with colored pennants attached to the walls

on the viale Tunisia

an erotica store with a long legged clerk

maybe she was the owner seen from afar

a studded leather mask in the window

Tiki lounge furniture outside a nightclub

piled up and sometimes used by the homeless


In this chest western

the buildings of the ghost town

have painted on carved out breast doors

and at high noon through the dust bowls

a moose walks by


If in as in a spaghetti western is to have

Italian food in Western

New York

or for an Italian to have Italian food

in Western New York

Desilu Desilu Desilu

I love I love I love Moosie!

the maid near the maid of the mist

did not make up my bed

before I made it to Niagara the Falls

with water churning as if to have one make in their pants

the maid of the mist

one cannot resist

Italians in Western New York


dine in the Italian Fisherman

near where the fishermen fish


back flips by cartwheeling clowns at the closing ceremonies of the winter Olympics

this is on Sunday and carnevale starts on Tuesday

release the ducks

the celebration was more tempered last year in your dreams

as they switched to a German

things are bound to be more festive this time



Late in the evening

at the self-watering mammary gland

near a Banca Intesa branch

late in the evening

at a self-watering

terrazzo mammary gland

across from the café in the Giardinii

between brightly colored buildings

the hue of Frutti Di Bosco



Mangia con telefono

Mangia prosciutto con telefono

una telefono torta con proscuitto

Proscuitto finito! telefono! telefono!


Oh! Sugar rock candy umbrella

even The pina colada was a debutante once


An orange downwards pointing submersible container

on and in active use off

of a giant white and blue

tractor trailer carrying freighter


smoke rings of Audi

sailboats are drips of white in the sea

such clean legs

such clean flesh

a smile still beckons a smile

between generations

yet awash

in the dazzle of youth


Oh! sugar rock candy

Carmen Miranda in a tinged cream umbrella

even the pina colada was a debutate once


How far is the Dalmatian from the toast?


A one man noise factory

unwraps his food

while blasting his personal listening device

pushing and pursing his lips for a muscular chew

in the sala di’aspetto

where one sits while one waits for one’s train to pull onto its track

when one sit or sits and reads when one has nothing other to do


Mestre laundromat sunburst mural explosion

broken window shattered glass in the night vacancy

in the day overcrowded


now we have waited to dine in the seafood restraurant across from the art movie cine

where it is run by three hefty brothers and their mother

and two of the others other then the mother are present tonight

on the wall hangs a group photo and who do you think will bring you your risotto

it will be one of the two brothers who are other- other than their mother

is is down the block with the third right now at home brother

while the poet has mixed grill with a group of seafood lovers


Il Vero e Il Falso

the real thing or a fake

yes it a real Fernando Botero

the guard finazia hosts this informative exhibit

so you can tell the difference between a genuine Rolex and the fascimillie

or the same for gucci

Il vero e il falso

and yes it is a real Botero

where does the day go

over to the aqvarium

where hermaphrodite sealife

is on view self impregnaniting egg droppers

and species which die after reproduzione

the real or the fake one

and yes it’s a real Botero


tre colori a three color printing offered by a printer in Mestre

tre colori a restaurant with three canopies red, green, and white

on west 47th street in New York

tre colori the three colors of the Italian flag

the boot of Italy is iconic

while the mass of China is not

in a store in mall an optically active wall relief

in the shape of the nation state

and hermaphrodite models

descend down into the sea laying eggs

in the act of reproducition

before tearing each other to death


Now we turn to see the designer’s vision

Now we turn to see the designer’s visions

Now we turn to see the designer’s visions


Valentino the actor’s funeral was a silent affair

Valentino the courtier’s forty fifth anniversary celebration

of his work in the design sphere was replete with a retrospective

of the dresses he did including a a bevy of mannequins on a staircase

without a balcony on display at the ara pacis in Rome

and in party in Cinese at the Villa Borghese


Sitting in a racing suit by dainese

in the outlet mall in Italy

if only for in the meantime imaginarily

fashion discounts at store on the outskirts of major cities

sometimes looking like fascimille villages done up for the red cross

by the concentration camp supervising nazis


Processed prosciutto prostituted prosecuted prosciutted


The pink rosy swirl of a Venetian chocolate sphere

unscrambled to present not a portrait but a sccene

off of the vaporetto passenger station San Toma

and towards the pensione here to stay all the way upstairs

the meaning in the late evening remained to be disambiguated

this poem could have stayed where as it were in Mestre

where a useless upgrade brought the metal curtain down

on that experience and led to a new suitcase without wheels

and then one with- so it will be off to the chocaltiere in

San Toma ata later date once again


A dream about Isabella Rossellini

who is sitting on a television sound stage

talking and I approach her “I know your nephew Tommasso”

I say – I used to work with him (as a tour guide)

his email is but now he is in Italy

he is your twin sister Ingrid’s son

she is your twin sister

he was hanging with me when she kicked him out

all of this only part did I say

and then I realize that she was inside of a tv screen all the time


Lead us into temptation

do lead us into temptation

but not all of the time


Pound’s Cantos

Cants Pantos

Cants Poundos

print it on a Pound note

“subtle innuendo’s follow

must be something inside….”

the mall poem



Cockfosters young men with prominent phallic protusions in pantalone and pantalone di cavali
parade and posture during the mall palio like roosters
they abound in the surround in all that the cock-fosters in the piazza del palio here



Become an ambassador

of the lifestyle afforded

by the Italian Hotel Shopping Mall Poen

where there are cameo appearances

and appearances by cameos


A woman in purpling pink

atop the white field of a sun dress

has donned ornamental Bvglvari sunglasses

and a necklace in the shape of a small lantern which is colored dark metallic pink

with baubles set inside purple and burgundy red

a deep purple rock atop a ring upon her finger

and a gold and diamond bracelet clasp

featuring lions or dragons upon her wrist

gets on the train in Venezia Santa Lucia

and departs (partenze) in Vincenza


I did something in Venice

I did something else


It rings to Abba’s Mama Mia

the downloadable ring-tone for the cell-phone

into the whole song but not for long

the woman opens up the flip-phone

and says “Mama” with emphasis right after

the last heard “Mama Mia” from the song

now we realize it might only ring mama mia

when mama is the caller

and the caller id might read with her phone number

as on comes the song



Haydn concert in the Galleria

the reflecticve disk overhead


“That Fuller Guys” tetrahedron

Robert Indiana’s “Nonending nonagon”

upon the field of a Missoni silk sweater

a polygonal

as if hurled palio flags coming back round together

into a shield

at the breast plate and the abdomen

of a fashionable man


ov olives evolve

love ottagano

Bocce bowling for balls

Take an object and project

a plastic object

bought not necessarily but perhaps in a set

A Dainese racing leather clad motorcycle race

a bright night light hooked into an outlet

is an object which projects


The Spaghetti Museum of Fine Pasta

the knife engaged with the fork

the fork engaged with the knife

in a pas de deux

with the polyresinous noodles


corten steel tortellini

and later Rosentwists


Our brand new roof Gorgon is now open!


Gabriella does not want to go shopping (with you (me)) in Italy

This poem is not a consumate well-studied phony

Though you can study well being a phony

there is the real thing and there is the phoney

which might leave you outside in the rain screaming forgery

on course but what are you doing outside in the rain

pondering il vero e il falso

il natura di Fraudolenti

outside in the rain