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Brad Pitt June 17, 2013 in TSQ for the Premiere of World War Z

June 19, 2013

Brad Pitt June 17, 2013 in TSQ for the Premiere of World War Z

King Tut

January 8, 2012

So later in that summer of 2010 (as it all gets hazy now as the writing is now so far behind) this writer saw the king Tut (Tutankhamen …see I knew we had something in common actually Khamen is inside something a series of coffins not to mention the wrappings) exhibition at the new discovery center in the former printing press area of the old New York Times headquarters (the Journal’s second of three in the Times Square midtown area).  This exhibition was remarkable in that this time it do not visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art (its venue last time around during the reign of Thomas Hoving which virtually invented the term blockbuster exhibition) but found it precincts in the aforementioned venue associated with National Geographic. This time the famous gold inlaid covering for the boy King did not travel from the museum of Egyptology in Cairo but the chariot upon which he may  have died did as well as I believe his grandmother (or what is left of her).

The most amazing thing here was the video of how they took the remains the mummy of the young ruler out to test his DNA to basically establish conclusively the line of the Amarna Pharaonic dynasts and that Akhenaten the very famous monotheist was in fact Tutankhamen’s father.  What also marked this exhibit was that certain items in the gift shop’s proceeds were labeled as going to the then Egyptian First Lady Suzanne Mubarak’s so named Children’s Museum  and of course  it would not be that long later that her husband the President would be toppled.

So in 2011 of Hosni Mubarak was the second to go in a line of Arab leaders to fall or widen their perspective so as to not fall from power.   Being a tour guide and visiting a tomb (Grant’s of course) I added this to my repertoire…. The interior sarcophogi of Ulysses s. and Julia Dent Grant are based upon that of Napoleon Bonaparte at Les Invalides in Paris who  we will all know was not interred in one piece may he rest in pieces as opposed to  Groucho Marks’ joke “Who’s buried in Grants’ Tomb?’ …, nobody he’s (they are ) entombed, as opposed to Pharaoh who was entombed with a little help form his friends “born in Arizona, moved to Babylonia”… got a place in Time Square, King Tut, …..that was last year so were the Mubaraks, so was Qaddafi (Ghaddafi, Khaddaffi what have you) Syria is a Assad sad situation

King Tut Did Big Anubisness

(to the tune of Elton John’s Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word),…Oh he done one gone, oh Kim Jong was Ill (done as a rap).

Though missing the extravaganza at the which coincided with my Bar Mitzvah year (the Steve Martin tune was always played to throngs of wild children at such events) , in Cairo several years later I saw the  effigy of the boy king in the midst of dysentery, bus accidents, lotus blossoms and a tired out polar bear at the Cairo zoo plopped down under a waterfall.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

cut and paste in haste from here to see a slideshow Anubis’s entry into New York –

Pequot Museum, James Taylor and Carole King Troubadours, In the Heights

July 6, 2011

Historical Recreation Figure and Canoe at the Mashantucket Pequot Museum Foxwoods

Soon into this same late spring early summer season of 2010 this blogger finally made it to the Mashantucket Pequot Indian museum on the Foxwoods compound in Ledyard Conneticut ostensibly made possible by casino revenues.  Though he had been visiting the resort casino for years since its earliest days of being opened by an aging Frank Sinatra after having dreams of a casino in Greenwich and loved to right verse about its gamblers the museum had not been opened right away and was open for a few years before he finally visited. One had to take a bus from the compound a shuttle which he did and then paid the admission. Though when he made it downstairs with not much time to go to see it all a lady asked ” can I help you” ? like he was a shoplifter and when he produced a ticket he extracted an explanation as per her ridiculous behavior.

Soon during the listless days of summer set aside for doing things while flying high on jet fuel energy this blogger went over to see ‘In the Heights” the 2008 Tony award winner for best musical set in the nieghberhood just to the south of his own (Inwood), Washington Heights.   Written by Lin Manuel Miranda and hailed as 21st century Dominican answer to West Side Story with the George Washington Bridge the GW as its backdrop in a scene of step streets and a whole new battery of music including merengue and rapand at the time starring Corbin Bleu.

Next this blogger went on a company outing on the Clipper city.  It was a delightful late afternoon gathering and came with a drink and an extra for lending support with helping with the sails.

Aboard the Clipper City

Next this blogger watched the 2010 tony awards (partially hosted by Liza Minelli) live on a big screen in times square and an event hosted out in the public arena by Constantine the singer who was a runner up on American idol and at the time starring in rock of ages the arena rock review than on Broadway.

Constantine Hosting the 2010 Tony Awards Times Square Simulcast

Next I always wanted to see Carole King and missed her at the Today show when she played outside on a comeback tour so now thought the tickets were quite expensive I decided to see her with James Taylor at Madison Square Garden on their Troubadours tour.  I had seen Taylor at the obama pre inauguration concert as mentioned in a earlier post sing shower the people you love with love.  So they sang together alone then together again.  I really wanted to hear king Sing the din’t we have a moment song from a league of their which she did not  but rest assured the concert was magical how astounding to see two people who love each other so much and manifest for all to see in the round which was what the stage was. Turns out my cousin was there in much closer seats in the special vip supper club like area.  I t was wonderful.

james Taylor in Concert with Carole King at Madison Square Garden

Voting and Back to Florida

November 5, 2008

So I had to vote and did so after eating breakfest thus just leaving enought time to get to the airport and go to Florida again. 

I saw the new Jet Blue JFK terminal which was more streamlined and less thematic than I would have thought though I did not really have the time to sample all the restaurants and I found the bars and coffee stands right in the seating areas at the gates amazing (though I try not to drink before or on flights any longer).  The flight on Jet Blue meanwhile was wonderful with a great variety of snacks and beverages and all those channels on the personal viewing screen (though headphones are a dollar I managed to talk myself into a pair for free).

I watched the election results come in until landing and got a toyota minvan as my rental (I have a toyota solara myself in New Yorkand after over a hundred and eighty five thousand miles though I have only driven it for over a hundred and fifty it is still like wow!).  I made it south from West Palm to Boynton Beach and found that the Catalina Holiday Inn during metamorphosis had become a Courtyard by Marriot (so goodbye Pete Rose Ballpark restaurant goodbye bases loaded French fries (oh jalapenos, melted hot cheese, sour cream, scallions, bacon bits-no good for me anyway but remembered fondly nevertheless- and yes there is another Pete Rose restaurant in Boca I will have to google as to whether it is still open).

Watched the election all night McCain of course is an admimarble man but hallelujah!….. Lets see what this country can do trying to do the right thing again (of course I am doing the writing thing again). Congratulations from this blogger to Barack Obama the President elect (and to be the forty fourth President of the united States).

I had a champagne in the courtyard lobby all spanish mission california contemporary red and yellow color schemed with silver starfish objets d’art and even a calcified alligator skull (teeth and all).

Also I must enter that last week finding the time to go to Broadway this itinerant blogger got to make use of the newly opened Times Square revamped TKTS pavillion….  and chose to see the fantastic restaging of Peter Schaefer’s Equus starring Daniel Radcliffe (of Harry Potter fame) and Richard Griffiths (from the History Boys) who (and lets be honest) should really shed a few pounds and stop smoking even if just for the sake of drama.  While it seems everybody older than I had seen the original Bway production with the very late Richard Burton I did not so being an Equus virgin it was an approached with much internal fanfare.

The staging while minimalist was fantastic especially the actors playing horses donning the metal masks hung overhead at the beginning of the play.  The acting was excellent and the interplay naturalistic. The ponyboys could have been in a Madonna video. Bravo!