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Bush Speaks, Japanese Gardens, The Seminole Hard Rock, more Dancing with the Stars

October 6, 2008

The Next day I got up and corresponding to the fact that the Holiday Inn had no working computer (and I never bring either of my laptops out of my appartment anymore goodbye wi-fi) I went over to a Hampton Inn to use theirs to find a Florida traffic school which I needed to attend (more about this later but albeit I got a ticket for doing 56 in a forty zone from a whiteshirted policeman who was standing in the middle of the street with a hand held radar device and I sped up towards him because I couldn’t see who it was in the middle of the street and I wanted to gain vantage so as to avoid hitting whoever it was plus I was on the way to a funeral home to make final arrangements for my father I was told I could probably beat it in court but in the end it would have been more trouble and more confusion than paying the ticket and attending traffic school or more than it was worth).

So I was booked into traffic school (later I was to find much to my amazement they got all my information right ticket # lisence all that) for Saturday which meant for the most part I had Thursday and Friday free ( except for the fact that it was a trouble to breathe).

So free I took to the highway intending to head for South Beach but stopping first after seeing to sign for the Morikami Japanese Gardens in Del Ray Beach.  The Morikami gardens are on land donated by Mr. Morikami one of the last Japanese settler from the Yamato farm community which was in the area about a century back (though after world war two the last of this settlement as an organized community it was gone Mr. morikami retained ownership of the land and donated it to the city for the formal gardens including waterfalls, a collection of bonsai trees,galleries and exhibits all on the grounds).  Meanwhile the American Orchid Soceity was across the way (it was too late to see both so as you will see later I came back to see the second attraction the next day).

Next after trying on wetsuits and not being measured for a custom one I ventured over to the Seminole Hard Rock Casino in Hollywood(Fla).  Here I parked on the roof marveled at the white of the hotel/casino/entertainment complex, scanned memrobilia, made passing comments to gamblers (the kind my father would have made whats the hurry you have all the time in the world to loose your money) ventured out to the huge faux waterfall rock cliff structure surrounding the massive swimming pool (and the massive swimming pool in return surrounding it).  Here i met two guys from New Orleans who had won a raffle in the Big Easy’s Hard Rock restaurant to see Fergie here ( though they didn’t have a rental car and complained about what there was to do on the grounds.  I had two bloody marys at only five dollars a piece with both olives and okra and watched news of the economic collapse.

 I walked out around the open air mall section of the compound and then after a couple of hours drove back to the holiday inn.  Here I of course watched George W. Bush speak about the need for a bailout (I found this talk suprisingly effective usually to paraphrase he said such companies should be alowed to go out of business but this bailout was absolutley necessary to restore credit and liquidity to the markets and the economy)


After the president was over on came Dancing with the stars inlast part of the three day opening spectacular and Ted McGinley Was voted off (good night).